Expat Financial offers the MSH International expatriate health insurance policy to expatriates under age 71 who reside around much of the world and need access to global medical coverage. The LivExpat global health insurance you total peace of mind with healthcare coverage appropriately suited to expatriates traveling to countries where healthcare costs can be very high. MSH has an extensive medical network that will allow expatriates to receive prompt medical care and reimbursement while living overseas. Here is a short summary of the coverage options: 

  • COMPREHENSIVE MEDICAL COVERAGE – Hospitalization, specialists, routine & vision care, prescription drugs and maternity services
    optional dental plans including basic care, major services and orthodontics
  • EMERGENCY MEDICAL COVERAGE – Transportation, hospitalization, specialists, prescription drugs, and mental health support
  • LIFE & DISABILITY – Life, Long Term Disability, Temporary Total Disability, Accidental Death & Dismemberment and Permanent Total Disability
  • ASSISTANCE & EVACUATION – Transportation and coordination in case of a medical emergency

Medical Plan Design Options

The LivExpat plan from MSH offers several design options for expatriates:

  • 5 levels of medical coverage including vision care
  • 3 geographical zones including high-risk locations coverage
  • coverage from 1 employee and local nationals up to 10% in a group plan
  • no medical underwriting for groups of 4 or more lives
  • standalone coverage or comprehensive program

How do I get a quote and apply?

You can obtain a quote via our health insurance quote request page and note that you want the MSH plan in your remarks. Or we can quote one of our more comprehensive policies.

Important Notes on the MSH International Health Plan

Please read the plan terms and conditions carefully before applying.

The plan is only available to expatriates who are over age 18 and under age 65 and may not be available in some countries. The plan is available for expats up to 71 years old if they are under paid employment. Generally speaking, First Expat+ offers worldwide coverage either including or excluding the USA, except in high risk countries, but even in these countries, coverage might still be available. Please check with underwriter and read the plan terms and conditions for full details.

Excluded countries for health benefits for the MSH International Plan

 Afghanistan
 Bangladesh
 Burundi
 Eritrea
 Irak
 Liberia
 Libya
 Mauritania
 Pakistan
 Central African Rep.
 Somalia
 Sudan
 South Sudan
 Syria
 Chad
 Yemen

Countries that require the accord from the Insurer for health benefits

 Nigeria
 Niger
 Dem Rep. of the Congo
 Sierra Leone

MSH health coverage will be terminated at the end of the calendar quarter during which the Member returns permanently to their Country of nationality (or Home country). However, if the member occasionally visits his home country, he or she will be covered the same way if his home country is in the same (or a lower) geographical zone as his host country, or for emergency only if his home country is in a higher zone.

Note that you have to be vaccinated for Covid-19 to apply for their plans.

Final premium and coverage are subject to medical underwriting approval and the plans are not PPACA (Obama Care) compliant.

To learn more, contact us for more details.