Learn How You Can Apply for Global Health Insurance Online and Offline

Expat Financial offers a variety of international health insurance plans from a wide array of global insurance providers for expats in much of the world. Most of the global medical plans we offer allow you to obtain a quote and even apply online via the insurance provider’s portal. There is no extra fee for obtaining a quote via our firm and you get the same rates and direct payment to the insurer. The insurance company pays our firm a small referral and we provide you with independent advocacy and service both before and after you purchase your coverage.

Individual Expatriate Health Insurance Plans

We offer individual expat health insurance coverage from the following providers:

Comparing Global Health Policies

It is not easy to compare global health plans as they all have different coverage levels, deductible options, service levels and fine print. In general, the more you pay, the better the coverage. The higher the deductible, the lower the expat premium. Most of the above plans will have medical questions once you get into the application and they will examine your health history and come back to you with a decision – approval, decline, exclusion or request additional premiums. The Expatriate Group health plan has no medical underwriting and coverage is instant, but pre-existing conditions are excluded. Once you get a quote for one of the above plans, you can call or email us to discuss the various plans along with your coverage requirements and budget. Note that we also offer coverage from other expat medical providers not listed above.

Simply Click and Get Coverage Today

Simply click on one of the suppliers above to obtain a quote online or view the brochure, terms and conditions and premium pages. You can also contact us to review your international health insurance needs and obtain a custom quote. We work with global citizens and global nomads around much of the world and have extensive experience.

expatriate employee insurance

Group Plans for Expatriate Employers

If your company is needing an expat health plan for its employees, we recommend that you contact us to review your organization’s requirements and send us an expat employee census with name, gender, citizenship, country of residence, occupation and dependent status. A group expat health plan can provide significantly better rates and coverage over an individual plan. Expat Financial, which is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., has become a leading international insurance brokerage for global benefit plans. Contact our firm today to examine your global benefits requirements.