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What are the Top 5 Global Health Plans for Insured Nomads

Learn Which Global Health Policies are the Best for Insured Nomads & Expats Living Abroad

If you have a skill or occupation and you can work abroad as an expatriate or global nomad, why not move abroad? That question is being asked by many people who can do the same job or occupation and live abroad at the same time as long as where they will be living is safe, enjoyable and of course, offers fast and reliable internet.

It is also a common question for retired expats and global citizens. But as discussed in our expat blog, it is critical to become an insured nomad. Global health plans for insured nomads are designed to cater to your future or current unique lifestyle while giving you the necessary medical protection while living and working in different countries.

This is all the more important because many expats and digital nomads will settle in one country but travel regionally, back home and may even change to a new expat destination country. But what are the best-insured nomad health plans in no particular order?  Let’s explore some of the top international health insurance plans for insured nomads and expatriates.

William Russell Global Health Plan

William Russel Health PlanThis UK-based company is popular for many health plans for insured nomads due to its flexible and affordable coverage. Their insurance plans are specifically tailored for expat lifestyles and offer worldwide coverage, excluding the insured’s home country. William Russell has offered our clients some great prices and service over tye years. Their policies cover medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, travel-related issues, and more. They have the added benefit of allowing customers to purchase coverage while already abroad, making it convenient for nomads who might not have a fixed travel itinerary.

William Russell is smaller and able to offer health plans for insured nomads more personal service but still has almost a 30-year record in the industry. The William Russell policies offer several different levels of coverage, including:

  • Bronze Plan – this is their most basic plan for urgent medical issues abroad. It still includes cancer treatment, dental, evac and some outpatient care.
  • SilverLife Plan – this offers slightly higher coverage levels but still relatively basic medical coverage.
  • Silver Plan – another step up with some added well-being coverage.
  • Gold Plan – a much higher level of medical care with some limited cover for short-term stays in the USA

Cigna Global Health Options Policy

Cigna is a well-established international health insurance provider known for its extensive network of medical facilities worldwide. We have used Cigna International for our corporate clientele, including some multi-billion dollar companies, since 2003. We started selling their individual global health plans in 2014 because we prefer to place expat clients with a large and capable global insurance company with near-limitless resources and capabilities.


Cigna Global Health Options plan is designed for individuals and families who require comprehensive coverage while living an expatriate or nomadic lifestyle. The plan includes inpatient and outpatient care, evacuation and repatriation coverage, mental health services, and preventive care options. Cigna also offers different coverage levels, allowing customers to choose the best fit for their needs and budget. A key feature of Cigna is that as long as you are an expat you can retain your coverage, and they can cover you for life.

Cigna also offers our American clients the ability to add USA coverage as a very affordable option. Expats can also add vision, dental and medical evacuation along with out-patient care. Their Close Care plan is their budget plan for those who only want to be covered in their destination country and possibly back home as well.

Cigna is probably our client’s favourite international health plan for expats and global nomads because we know our customers are less likely to experience issues or concerns. Cigna can deliver several levels of medical care for almost any budget, including their:

  • Close Care Plan – lower level of coverage with no evacuation options and covers you just in your expat destination and back in your home country, unless that home county is the USA.
  • Silver Plan – global coverage for ex-pats who want global coverage, but with lower maximums
  • Gold Plan – a step up from the gold plan with mid-range maximums that is still quite affordable. Maternity coverage included after standard 12-month waiting period
  • Platinum Plan – A very comprehensive policy if you are looking for the best coverage available with very high or unlimited maximums.

Allianz Worldwide Plan

Allianz Worldwide Care Plan is another very recognized global insurance company that you have probably heard of. This company has a reputable name in the insurance industry, and its Worldwide Care plan is tailored for expatriates and digital nomads. It provides global coverage, and customers can choose their medical providers from a vast network of healthcare professionals.

The plan includes coverage for hospitalization, outpatient treatments, maternity care, mental health, and emergency medical evacuation. Allianz also offers optional add-ons like dental and vision coverage for those who require additional benefits. You can limit care to Africa only, worldwide excluding the USA or worldwide excluding the United States.

IMG Global Medical Insurance Plan

img global medical insuranceIMG Global offers a variety of international health insurance plans for nomads, expatriates, and long-term travelers. Their plans cover medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, and even incidental home-country coverage for short visits back home. We find most expats needing a budget plan with more limited coverage choose IMG Global’s plans as they are customizable, allowing customers to add optional coverage for sports and activities, vision and dental, and other specific needs. IMG is based in the USA and has been serving global expats for many years. They have some more basic plans that can meet just about any budget.

The IMG plans are available to individuals and families of all nationalities living as expatriates. Some local nationals in selection countries as well. Note that American citizens must plan to be residing outside U.S. on or before their IMG policy effective date and renewal dates for at least six (6) out of the next 12 months. Like all expat health plans, these plans are not locally compliant and are offshore plans.

Some key IMG global health plans highlights:

  • Annual renewability as an expat
  • Lifetime maximum overage limits from 1 to 8 million
  • Made for long-term expats going abroad for at least 1 year
  • Deductible options from $100 to $25,000 USD
  • Coverage levels are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • Maternity an option only if you get the Platimum plan and after 10 months of continuous cover by IMG
  • Medical concierge & universal RX pharmacy discount savings

The IMG plans are not ideal for retired expatriates who require coverage for life. IMG does state that lifetime medical coverage is available if you are enrolled in the program by your 65th birthday and maintain continuous paid coverage to age 75.

The plans from IMG are very well suited for missionary clients who are living abroad.

IMG uses globally recognized underwriters, including the A-rated Sirius International Insurance Corporation (publ). IMG also uses certain underwriters at Lloyd’s of London.


Geo BlueGeoBlue is another US-based provider that specializes in international health insurance for expatriates and digital nomads. Their plans cover multiple countries and offer many benefits, including doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs, and emergency medical evacuation. GeoBlue also provides 24/7 access to English-speaking healthcare professionals and medical assistance, which can be crucial for nomads navigating healthcare systems in foreign countries.

GeoBlue offers Worldwide Insurance Services as an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield and their expats plans are only available to American expats and some expats living in the USA. Note that this plan is not suitable for retired expats who want coverage for life. Read why American expats should get the GeoBlue Plan.

The GeoBlue plans have some enrollment flexibility for U.S. residents and families who intend to be outside the U.S. as expats. The plan can include telehealth, prescription care, out-patient and much more, including the USA for treatment if you want to pay a higher premium.

MSH International

Based in Canada and France with offices around the globe, MSH International has some excellent global health plans that are great for Canadian expatriates and expats of many nationalities. The policies come in a more basic schedule of benefits but also have some very comprehensive global coverage options and plans available. Maternity coverage and medical evacuation are optional and routine healthcare is included.

MSH has an extensive medical network is part of the DIOT-SIACI Group, which has over 5,000 employees worldwide and insures 5 million individuals.

Final thoughts for Insured Nomads & Expatriates

It should be noted insured nomads have several excellent international health insurance options to choose from, each with its own unique features and benefits. When selecting a plan, it’s essential for digital nomads to consider their specific needs, budget, travel destinations, and the level of coverage required.

We are confident that by choosing one of these top insurance providers, health plans for insured nomads can have peace of mind knowing they are protected against unforeseen medical expenses while they explore the world and pursue their nomadic lifestyle.

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