10 Great Destinations for LGBTQ Expatriates

As LGBTQ rights continue to gain recognition and acceptance worldwide, more and more individuals from the community are coming out and trying to relocate to countries that prioritize equality, legal protections, and social acceptance. Here are the 10 Great Destinations for LGBTQ Expatriates. Being able to live openly and respectfully is essential for LGBTQ expatriates. For the purposes of of this article, we will use LGBTQ to also represent 2SLGBTQIA+. Read more

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How to secure healthcare abroad

Nowadays in 2023, a lot of people are deciding to make the move abroad and become expats. There are loads of different reasons why people decide to move abroad to become an expat. You might be doing it as part of a career move, you might be retiring abroad or you might just like the idea of relocating to a new country. Read more

Medical Claim

What Expatriates Should Do in the Event of a Medical Crisis?

An expatriate is someone who is living abroad in a different country to where they come from. People move all over the world for many different reasons, including moves to retire abroad, moving because of a new job or work relocation or moves for family reasons.

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Retire Abroad

Retiring overseas: Make sure your healthcare is covered

Retiring in another country is a dream that many people might have as they search for a quieter place to live out in their later years. It is a very nice option for those that are able to do it.

Before you retire abroad, there will be lots of things that you’ll need to prepare for, including medical care. You might have lots of knowledge about the country you are moving to or you might know very little about it. You might not even speak the local language.

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Becoming a digital nomad

10 reasons global nomads don’t buy international health insurance

Health insurance is very important for global nomads. However, it can be common that expats will only realize just how important it is when it becomes too late. Expat health insurance is meant for people who are living and/or working abroad for a prolonged period of time.

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8 Steps for Moving Abroad as an Expat

Beginning a new life in a foreign country can be deeply satisfying. The new culture, the people, the change in environment. Becoming a global nomad gives you the fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and go to regions of the world that you otherwise might not have had the chance to see.

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Expat Tokyo - Why you need international health insurance?

How Dual Citizenship Impacts International Health Insurance

What are the Impacts of Dual Citizenship on Your International Health Insurance?

When people move abroad to become global citizens and expatriates, it is obviously important to buy a high-quality international health insurance policy to protect themselves and their family members. Medical costs abroad can be very expensive and accessing healthcare is critical for your health and well-being, but what impact does dual citizenship have on your international health insurance policy and rates? Read more

International Major Medical Insurance

5 Reasons Why UK Expats Need Global Medical Insurance Coverage

Learn Five Reasons Why United Kingdom Expatriates Need to Purchase Global Medical Insurance

It is becoming clear to many UK citizens that they can work abroad as digital nomads or retire outside of the United Kingdom and maintain their lifestyle and family ties. Your UK citizenship will not be affected if you move to the EU or another country as noted by the UK Government. Most countries will require a visa for long-term stays or naturalization for UK expats, but also healthcare as well. Read more

Increase in Expat Insurance Premiums

5 Tips for renewing your global health insurance plan

When it comes to renewing your health policy, there will be a lot to think about. There will be paperwork involved, renewal deadlines and plenty of other things that you’ll need to make a decision on. To help you understand what to consider before the renewal date approaches, we’ve prepared this article to help explain what you’ll need to know and the tips you should follow to help you get the best renewal of your global health policy. Read more

5 Wellness Tips for Digital Nomads Working Abroad

Living a wandering lifestyle as a digital nomad is liberating and thrilling, and you’ll frequently be surprised by how much happiness comes with it. No 9 to 5 work will tell you when to get up and move. Location freedom allows you to live wherever you like and to plan your days according to your ideal schedule. Being a digital nomad offers unparalleled independence.

Wellness Tips for Digital Nomads Who Working Abroad:

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