Global Benefit Plan

Top 10 Global Benefit Plan Providers for Expat Employers

Let’s discuss the top ten global benefit plan providers for international organizations with global talent who must meet their duty of care with an international benefit plan. One of the most challenging insurance plans to put in place for a multinational employer is international group insurance plans, otherwise known as global benefit plans. Read more

Global Healthcare Coverage

Eight Reasons Why France Expats Should Buy Global Health Insurance

We have seen many French citizens visiting our website and requesting information on international healthcare for moving abroad as an expatriate. They often ask for the best health insurance options for French expatriates and global nomads.

creating Insurance Plan for Expat Employees

How to Create an International Health Insurance Plan for Expat Employees

One of the most challenging aspects of human resources is sending employees abroad for long-term work assignments. Global mobility managers are a specialized subset of human relations and global benefits teams. Part of a duty of care for international employers is creating insurance plan for expat employees strategy and policy for expatriate employees. Read more

Mozambique Insurance

Key Factors When Considering Global Healthcare

It is vital to remember that expats are considering an international health insurance plan; there are several key factors they should look for to ensure they get comprehensive coverage that meets their specific needs.

Global Medical Insurance Premiums

Top 10 Reasons Why Expat Insurance Specialists are the Best Choice for International Health Insurance

Living abroad as an expat, global nomad or digital nomad can be a great experience for a few years or even a lifetime. Many people move abroad for work, extended travel or retirement in order to explore new cultures, adapt to new environments and meet diverse peoples, but also for career advancement or for lower […]

International Major Medical Insurance

How to Build Your International Health Insurance Plan

Moving abroad for one year or more, you can consider yourself an expatriate, global citizen or global nomad. If you work remotely abroad, most will call you a digital nomad. What binds all these people abroad is the requirement to buy international healthcare coverage, as local plans are often not available, not sufficient and not suited for global citizens. Having comprehensive health coverage is crucial to protect yourself from unexpected medical expenses while living or working abroad. This is why you need to learn how to build your own international health insurance plan. Read more

Prescription Drug Coverage

How Do Expats Navigate Medication Expenses Abroad?

Over the past few years, we have talked to hundreds of people moving abroad for work, retirement or for an overseas global nomad lifestyle. We often get asked how to manage existing or new medical expenses abroad, such as hospital and outpatient costs, but especially unexpected medication expenses abroad.

Read more

South Asian Healthcare System

Top Eight Ways Expats Can Improve Their Health Abroad

Moving to a new country can be exciting, but it can be stressful to move to a new country and leave your old home. We have listed some key ways that expatriates and global nomads can help maintain and improve their health abroad. Read more

10 Great Destinations for LGBTQ Expatriates

As LGBTQ rights continue to gain recognition and acceptance worldwide, more and more individuals from the community are coming out and trying to relocate to countries that prioritize equality, legal protections, and social acceptance. Here are the 10 Great Destinations for LGBTQ Expatriates. Being able to live openly and respectfully is essential for LGBTQ expatriates. For the purposes of of this article, we will use LGBTQ to also represent 2SLGBTQIA+. Read more

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How to secure healthcare abroad?

Nowadays in 2023, a lot of people are deciding to make the move abroad and become expats. There are loads of different reasons why people decide to move abroad to become an expat. You might be doing it as part of a career move, you might be retiring abroad or you might just like the idea of relocating to a new country. Read more