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Top Eight Ways Expats Can Improve Their Health Abroad

Moving to a new country can be exciting, but it can be stressful to move to a new country and leave your old home. We have listed some key ways that expatriates and global nomads can help maintain and improve their health abroad.


ExerciseAlthough being an expat may seem exciting, since you are becoming familiar with your new surroundings and getting to know new people, it is crucial to make time for physical activity. Physical activity is an important part of maintaining your mental health.

When starting a new life in a foreign country, you should add working out to your daily routine. Going for a run or walk around the neighbourhood or to the gym can help your body and mind. Joining a local sports group is another great physical activity as well and you might meet some new friends.

Seek Professional Help

It is sometimes necessary to entrust an expert with your mental health, especially when you are living abroad as a global nomad or expatriate. You can find psychologists, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals in your new home.
You must have the proper international medical insurance as an expat that will include good mental health coverage, especially out-patient care, such as seeing a therapist or Psychologist. To ensure you get the best assistance wherever you are, these charges could include mental health treatment.

To give yourself peace of mind while living in a different country, your mental health must be just as important as your physical health.

Integrate yourself into your New Home

new homeThis may seem complicated, but it is pretty easy if you make an effort to adjust to your new surroundings, which will help your mental health. Several options include getting to know the local language, joining a club or organization, or even wandering the streets.

A sense of belonging is essential for mental well-being because living in a new country can be difficult. However, you can proceed with integrating yourself a bit slower than usual, depending on the circumstances you are in.

Having a piece of your home when you are an expat abroad can be a good thing. When you are packing, pack up cherished items that mean a lot to you. These comforting items will not only help you not feel homesick, but they will help you remain calm in case of any difficulties you feel when starting your new life abroad.

Limit Your Time on Social Media

It may seem strange to limit your social media use when it is important to stay in touch with friends and family back home. It is never a good idea to spend hours scrolling through your social media feed looking at updates from friends or family.

Try not to use social media too much as that could cause you to have a constant fear of missing out. You can establish your own rules, including limiting your time scrolling through your feed daily. There is so much more to do other than scrolling through social media, such as exploring the area you live in and meeting new people.

Stay in Touch with Expats & Family Members

Joining a sports club or learning the local language can help you adapt to your new community while creating relationships with other expats. If you are also looking to connect with expats, many cities have expat community groups that are both in-person and virtual.

While you may feel the need to make local friends, you will also realize that it is important to have connections with other expats too. Additionally, they can understand your situation more and can provide you with emotional support if you need it. 

Stay Hydrated

Stay HydratedIt is important to stay hydrated when adapting to a new climate. Expats will often move to countries with different climates, which can cause a change in their body’s hydration needs. For example, humid and hot climates can cause an increase in fluid loss and sweating, which is why it is essential to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water.

Note that some expat destinations may not have safe drinking water, so make sure you find out if the water you intend to drink is safe.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

It is important to try to enjoy the local cuisine while at the same time making sure to maintain a balanced Diet. Make sure not to consume too many unhealthy or processed foods. Instead, consume fresh fruits, vegetables, and regional delicacies in your diet.

People with a healthy diet are at a much lower risk of developing serious health issues, such as type two diabetes and heart disease.

Buy a Global Health Plan with Wellness Coverage

outpatient coverageBuying an international health policy can benefit expatriates living abroad not only financially but can provide key parts of an overall health and wellness strategy. Living as an expatriate in a foreign country is stressful enough, but doing so where you may not be able to secure coverage or adequate medical care is another.

In addition to in-patient (hospital care) and out-patient care, expats also should think about buying global wellness coverage. This can help you maintain and strengthen your health abroad. Not all global plans will cover wellness and many expats may forgo this coverage, but we do recommend it for most global citizens, and the cost is relatively low. Here are some key features included in most wellness coverage:

  • Routine adult physical examination

  • Cancer screening

  • Bone density

  • Telehealth, including talking to a doctor, nurse or even a wellness coach

  • Mental health support Program

  • Life management assistance programme

The first step to moving abroad is to think about your health and wellness and take the above steps to improve your health abroad.