Top Three Global Health Insurance Providers

In this blog article, you will learn about three excellent global health insurance providers that Expat Financial offers to expatriates. If you are about to move abroad or already living the expat life, you probably know that emergency and chronic medical conditions incurred while living overseas can be quite expensive and even bankrupt you and your family. You may be healthy now, but unfortunately, that can change in an instant.

Which is the best international health insurance plan?

We work with expatriates around the world who often ask us which expat health insurance provider is the best. Any answer we may provide is going to be somewhat subjective as there is no perfect global health plan. All global health insurance plans and insurance companies have their strengths and weaknesses and this list is subjective, but in no particular order we have listed the top three best international health insurance companies for expatriates:

1.  Cigna International

Cigna is a very large and capable global insurance company with offices and operations around the world. It has over 86 million customers in over 200 countries and near-unlimited resources for servicing their expat health clients. Cigna has a very large and capable medical network that expat healthcare clients can access once they are covered.

Their service is excellent and our firm has been working with them for many years for both corporate and individual clients. The rates that they charge for their global health plan are quite competitive and you can obtain a quote for their Global Health Options Plan via our site at the same rates, service etc… but with our assistance and advocacy both before and after the underwriting process is complete. The Cigna Global Health Options policy provides cover for inpatient, out-patient, day patient, mental health, cancer care and a lot more.

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The policy comes in three main levels – Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Maternity is available after a 12 month waiting period for the Platinum and Gold levels. Evacuation, wellness care, and dental/vision insurance options are also available. The global health plan will cover you globally excluding the USA, but you can add the USA coverage option for an extra charge. You can’t spend more than 6 months in your country of citizenship and the plan offers you free choice of medical providers in your coverage zone.

The Cigna plan is ideal for expats who want best international health insurance from a very well known, capable and first-class insurance company. The policy is not the cheapest plan but is quite competitive for an expat who wants excellent coverage for his/her family. Also, there is no age limit as long as you are and remain an expat.

2. Allianz Worldwide Allianz Insurance

Allianz hs a very large and well known European based health insurance service provider, that has been in business since 1890. They are a very capable insurer with an excellent global medical network that is ideal for expats who want a high-quality insurer that will stand behind what they offer via Expat Financial. Allianz offers three levels of care – Essential, Classic and Premier.

You can just be covered for hospital-related care or additional options such as out-patient care, dental & repatriation. Maternity care is available after a waiting period with the Premier plan. Like the plan above, you can easily obtain a quote via our website with the same great rates, service, and direct service along with having us as an advocate for the life of the policy. Some local nationals in select countries may be able to apply for this comprehensive global health plan.

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3. International Medical Group

We have worked with IMG for many years and they offer a wide range of travel medical insurance and global health insurance plans. IMG is based in the USA  and their Global Medical Insurance plan offers you the choice of three plan options: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Expats can also select two coverage areas: Worldwide or Worldwide Excluding the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan. The plan is ideal for those looking for lower-cost options in global healthcare. Only the Platinum plan offers maternity care after their waiting period. The policy is very easy to quote and purchase online via our website.

The IMG plan offers expats a wide range of deductible levels with the freedom to choose your medical provider and a sizable medical network. The IMG plan is not ideal for expats over the age of 60 – senior expats should look at the Allianz or Cigna plans above.

Examine Your Global Health Requirements

We hope that the above list is helpful if you are in the market for an international health plan. Each policy has its advantages and disadvantages and it makes sense to contact us to discuss the coverage, your requirements and then we can either provide you a quote OR we can send you a quote link so you can examine the numerous options on your own.

Purchasing healthcare when you live abroad is an important decision and it makes sense to work with a specialist firm and one of the top three global health insurance providers in the market. To discuss your international health insurance needs today contact us.Get international health insurance quote