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Expats have a lot of choices when browsing for global health coverage – direct with the insurance company or via an international insurance broker. There are numerous plans and providers out there in the market and it can be quite confusing with lots of insurance terms, fine print, and options.

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Purchasing global health insurance is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly so we have put together some reasons why you should purchase your expat healthcare via a broker such as Expat Financial:

You Get the Same Premium and Coverage

Yes, if you purchase your global healthcare via our website you get the exact same rates, coverage, and service from the insurance company regardless. Your premium is paid directly to the insurer and all service and support are provided directly to you as the customer. Having an international insurance broker adds no delays or downsides. We don’t charge you for our support as we are paid by the insurance company a small referral that is built into their rates regardless.

Added Service & Support For Free

When you purchase via an international insurance brokerage you get the added service and support from our staff both before you purchase, during your application and after you get coverage. We can answer your questions and you also get supported by our insurance company partners at the same time. This added support can be quite invaluable if your application gets stuck in underwriting and you need help.

You Get An Experienced Advocate

When you get a quote and purchase via a broker, you receive many years of experience and knowledge at no extra cost. Also, if you have a claims issue after you are approved at any time in the future, you can contact us to advocate on your behalf with the insurer. We have a lot of business and personal relationships with the staff at these global providers and this can prove to be invaluable in a dispute. Our large block of clients and premium provides powerful leverage for our clients. We have seen this in action numerous times over the years and our clients have been very appreciative.

Your Expat Insurance Broker Works for YOU – Independence

When you deal directly with the company rep, they are working for the insurance company. Our company works for you and we are not tied to just one insurer – we work with numerous providers and want you to have the best coverage possible. We can discuss your requirements and needs and then recommend the best plan possible. We can also explain the policy advantages and disadvantages along with fine print.

Obtain Quotes from Several Insurance Companies via One Source

If you work directly with the insurer, they will not suggest an alternative provider or product. You will get the company line and your choices will be limited. We work with many global health insurance companies and our large block of business provides additional leverage for our clients. We are able to source policies from different international insurance companies You can view the main plans we offer here: https://expatfinancial.com/international-health-insurance/

Not All Brokers Are Created Equal – Work With A Specialist!

There are not a lot of international insurance brokers out there in the market as global healthcare is a niche product, but there are lots of brokers who have limited experience, industry contacts or knowledge. Your local insurance broker will almost certainly have no experience or sources for global healthcare.

Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., is an international insurance specialist with associates in the insurance business since 1991. We have worked with clients around the world – individual expats and some of the largest corporations and organizations in the world. We are compensated by the insurer you choose at the same rates regardless and do not charge any fees to our clients. We are your global health insurance specialists. Contact us to discuss your global health needs.