Best Expat Health Insurance

What is The Best Expat Health Insurance?

Here’s Our Best Expat Health Insurance at Expat Financial

When you plan to move abroad, one of the top things on your checklist is to ensure you have the proper health coverage in your expat destination. More and more expats & global nomads feel secured during the global pandemic by having comprehensive international health insurance in place. Also, many countries are requesting that expats have health coverage in place before entry. So, how do you know which is the best expat health insurance?

This article will quickly cover the basics and the top three health insurance providers for expats. But note that we have other expat health providers not included below that are still excellent expatriates’ plans in many circumstances. You can make an informed decision that suits not only yours but your family’s needs as well.

What is expat health insurance?

Expat health insurance is known as global health insurance, an international health insurance plan designed for expats, digital nomads, and global citizens living or working abroad. Having an international health insurance plan means you have coverage inside and outside of your home country.

It is important to note that international health insurance is not the same as travel insurance. Click here to understand the difference between the two better.

Why do I need expat health insurance?

If you’re planning to live abroad for a year or more, you will definitely need international health insurance.  With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, some countries are re-opening with stricter guidelines. Those countries have made it mandatory to show proof of health insurance coverage upon entry.

Other reasons why expats may need international health insurance is because:

  • The local plan may be in an unstable currency
  • Local plan coverage is not up to the standard
  • Local plans may only cover you for medical treatment in the expat destination
  • The local plan is only good in the host country and not portable
  • The expat needs global coverage and treatment, especially if local healthcare is not up to 1st world standards.

Which is the best health insurance plan for expats?

At Expat Financial, we work with many expats worldwide who ask us the million-dollar question: the best health insurance provider? This question is both objective and subjective.

All global health plans and insurance providers have their strengths and weaknesses. One coverage that’s better for an expat may not necessarily be good for another expat. The best thing about having international health insurance is that you can tailor it according to your needs. In no particular order, here are the top three best health insurance for expats.

Top Three International Insurance Companies

1.  Cigna International

Cigna Global Logo


Cigna International is a large global insurance company with offices around the world. It has more than 180 million customers in more than 30 countries and jurisdictions. Cigna has unlimited resources for servicing their expat clients. Once you’re covered under Cigna, you have access to its large and professional medical network.

The policy under Cigna provides expats coverage for inpatient, out-patient, day patient, mental health, cancer care, and many more. It also has coverage for evacuation, wellness care, and dental/vision. Maternity is available after a 12-month waiting period if you choose the Gold or Platinum plans.

Furthermore, our firm has been working with Cigna for many years for both corporate and individual clients. Their rates for global health plans are competitive. It is important to note that the global health plan will cover you globally, excluding the USA. The plan also has no age limit.

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2. Allianz WorldwideAllianz Insurance

Allianz worldwide is a well known European based health insurance provider. They a large company with an excellent medical network globally. If you are an expat looking for a top-quality insurer via Expat Financial, you’re at the right place.

It has three levels of care – Essential, Classic, and Premier. You can choose to have coverage, specifically hospital-related care or additional options such as out-patient care, repatriation, and dental. On the other hand, maternity care is available after a waiting period under the Premier plan.

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3. GeoBlue

GeoBlue International Insurance

Geo Blue is specifically designed to provide flexible coverage to American expatriates living in over 190 countries worldwide. As one of the broadest global network, Geo Blue uses industry-leading digital tools to ensure clients have immediate access to global healthcare. This plan is ideal for American expatriates only who want a US-style global health plan.

Furthermore, Geo Blue mobile app gives expats and their families access to a variety of tools and resources. With quick and convenient navigation, members can locate doctors, and facilities nearby, access their electronic ID cards, find country-specific prescriptions, translation tools, and many more.

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There are Other International Health Insurance Providers

While the above plans should meet most expatriates’ requirements, we do have access to some other global health insurance providers, which may work better for you and your global family. The Integra Global plan is another great choice, for example.

All international health insurance companies have their advantages and disadvantages. However, it is also recommended that you may want to contact us to discuss your global health insurance requirements or obtain a custom quote with our quote tool.