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Key Factors When Considering Global Healthcare

It is vital to remember that expats are considering an international health insurance plan; there are several key factors they should look for to ensure they get comprehensive coverage that meets their specific needs.

Get EU Citizenship Remotely with Portugal’s Golden Visa

Attend Seminar on EU Citizenship Remotely with Portugal’s Golden Visa

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program is considered the premier route to second citizenship in Europe. With qualifying investment options starting at just €280,000 (for now) and average physical stay requirements of just seven days per year over a 5-year qualification period, it is the most practical route to a powerful EU passport that exists today. Read more

International Major Medical Insurance

How to Build Your International Health Insurance Plan

Moving abroad for one year or more, you can consider yourself an expatriate, global citizen or global nomad. If you work remotely abroad, most will call you a digital nomad. What binds all these people abroad is the requirement to buy international healthcare coverage, as local plans are often not available, not sufficient and not suited for global citizens. Having comprehensive health coverage is crucial to protect yourself from unexpected medical expenses while living or working abroad. This is why you need to learn how to build your own international health insurance plan. Read more

Prescription Drug Coverage

How Do Expats Navigate Medication Expenses Abroad?

Over the past few years, we have talked to hundreds of people moving abroad for work, retirement or for an overseas global nomad lifestyle. We often get asked how to manage existing or new medical expenses abroad, such as hospital and outpatient costs, but especially unexpected medication expenses abroad.

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South Asian Healthcare System

Top Eight Ways Expats Can Improve Their Health Abroad

Moving to a new country can be exciting, but it can be stressful to move to a new country and leave your old home. We have listed some key ways that expatriates and global nomads can help maintain and improve their health abroad. Read more

Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Colombia

Retirement is the most important decision one must make in his lifetime, especially when deciding where you wish to retire. Many people these days are making plans to retire in countries other than their home countries. They are carefully choosing destinations that are cheaper to live in and also provide all the basic facilities such as healthcare and affordable housing. Read more

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Business Abroad

Starting a business abroad, becoming a digital nomad or sending employees abroad is becoming very common these days. It has never been more attractive for profits, adventure, lifestyle and more for those with s been an attractive option for those with wanderlust for some time. But what about when you’re ready to launch a business that’s based in another country. Read more

8 Steps for Moving Abroad as an Expat

Beginning a new life in a foreign country can be deeply satisfying. The new culture, the people, the change in environment. Becoming a global nomad gives you the fantastic opportunity to broaden your horizons and go to regions of the world that you otherwise might not have had the chance to see.

Expat Tokyo - Why you need international health insurance?

How Dual Citizenship Impacts International Health Insurance

What are the Impacts of Dual Citizenship on Your International Health Insurance?

When people move abroad to become global citizens and expatriates, it is obviously important to buy a high-quality international health insurance policy to protect themselves and their family members. Medical costs abroad can be very expensive and accessing healthcare is critical for your health and well-being, but what impact does dual citizenship have on your international health insurance policy and rates? Read more

Increase in Expat Insurance Premiums

5 Tips for renewing your global health insurance plan

When it comes to renewing your health policy, there will be a lot to think about. There will be paperwork involved, renewal deadlines and plenty of other things that you’ll need to make a decision on. To help you understand what to consider before the renewal date approaches, we’ve prepared this article to help explain what you’ll need to know and the tips you should follow to help you get the best renewal of your global health policy. Read more