Top 10 Reasons to Retire in Colombia

Retirement is the most important decision one must make in his lifetime, especially when deciding where you wish to retire. Many people these days are making plans to retire in countries other than their home countries. They are carefully choosing destinations that are cheaper to live in and also provide all the basic facilities such as healthcare and affordable housing. Read more

Retire Abroad

Retiring Overseas : Make sure your healthcare is covered

Retiring in another country is a dream that many people might have as they search for a quieter place to live out in their later years. It is a very nice option for those that are able to do it.

Before you retire abroad, there will be lots of things that you’ll need to prepare for, including medical care. You might have lots of knowledge about the country you are moving to or you might know very little about it. You might not even speak the local language.

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5 Tips for buying an international health insurance plan when retiring abroad

Deciding to retire abroad in a new country is becoming a very popular choice these days. It is a very attractive option for those that are able to do it. To retire abroad for a new life either on your own, with your loved one, or with your loved one and family is one that a lot of people will go for. Read more

Retire in South America

The Top 5 Countries to Retire in South America

Best Countries to Retire in South America: South America has lots to offer for retirees looking to relocate and live their golden years in the sun. South America allows retirees to explore regions of great cultural diversity as well as geographical diversity. It is very important to consider the cost of living, cultural variations, immigration […]

Retire Abroad

6 Global Healthcare Tips for Retired Expats

Retiring abroad is a decision that many people will choose to make later in life. There are many attractive options for those considering a move abroad for their retirement. Go through some global healthcare tips they will help expats in keeping themselves healthy.

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global expat finances

4 Investment Tips Every Expat Should Know

Managing your investments while living as an expat in another country or even continent can be a riddle to some. Dealing with an investment portfolio is never an easy task. If you add to the mix the distance of hundreds or thousands of kilometres, management could become confusing and complicated. In this blog article written by Jason Swan of Holborn Assets, he will share four expat investment tips for expat to make your life a bit easier and reduce stress. Read more

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5 Reasons to Buy an International Health Insurance Plan When Retiring Abroad

The decision to retire abroad is becoming more and more popular these days. It is a big decision to move to another country and many people decide that they want to do it later in life, once they reach retirement age. One of the many things you will need to consider before you make the […]