GeoBlue Xplorer Plan

International health insurance is vital if you are moving abroad or you are already an American expat or global nomad. We have found that some American expatriates want a plan that has a more domestic feel but works abroad extremely well. GeoBlue provides comprehensive, international health plans for US expatriates living outside of the USA or about to move overseas in the next 30 days. GeoBlue offers a plan called ‘GeoBlue Xplorer’ (previously HTH Global Citizen), which offers two separate levels of cover –  Essential & Select for those excluding cover in the USA and the Xplorer Premier plan for covering including the USA.  The GeoBlue plan was previously branded by HTH Worldwide. 

The Xplorer plan is an annual plan that includes comprehensive, major medical coverage inside and outside the U.S. It is designed for individuals and their families. It offers the security of a US underwriter and administrator that has met the standards of state regulators and thus features coverage more generous than plans sold as non-admitted ‘surplus’ coverage. Click HERE for five reasons to get the GeoBlue expat health plan.  GeoBlue does offer an Xplorer Select plan for anyone planning to keep their US health plan in place. Since a US health plan will remain in place, GeoBlue may be able to offer expedited underwriting under the Xplorer Select plan. Within the quoting tool below, simply answer “yes” to “Keeping US primary health plan?”

GeoBlue International Insurance

Get a quote and apply online via GeoBlue today/  The plan is only available via our site to American citizens who are living abroad.

The plan you are enrolling in is currently exempted under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The plan is not PPACA compliant (Obama Care). The GeoBlue plan is not COBRA compliant. GeoBlue does follow HIPPA laws. See ACA FAQ’s or the GeoBlue ACA page.

Eligible Participants & Application Instructions

To be eligible for the GeoBlue Xplorer health plans via our website, Eligible Participants must be:

  • American citizens living outside of the USA
  • An expat age 74 or younger at the time of purchase. The plan provides coverage up to a maximum age 83 for American expats living abroad
  • Coverage is subject to approval by HTH’s underwriter and also subject to medical underwriting.
  • Not available if you are currently residing in these American States:  NY, SD, WA & MD. You can apply if you are about to move abroad outside these states.
  • What zip code applies when applying from overseas? Use “0”

NOTE:  GeoBlue Xplorer Plans are not guaranteed issue plans. Each application is medically underwritten and cover and premiums are subject to GeoBlue underwriter approval. Your application may be 1) accepted, 2) accepted with a rate increase due to your health status, or 3) denied. Also, the GeoBlue Plans are not PPACA compliant.

Travel to Certain Countries: Note that if you will be traveling to the following countries or residing in them, GeoBlue will not be able to cover you: Afghanistan, Burkina Faso, Central African Republic, DRC, Chat, Cuba, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, Ivory Coast, Libya, Mail, Niger, North Korea, Pakistan, Palestine, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Venezuela & Yemen. This list is subject to change at any time. See the current list by clicking HERE.

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The Washington D.C. zip code that applies is 20036.

All U.S. citizens living outside the USA who are 74 or younger at the time of application are eligible to apply for coverage. Policies for U.S. citizens residing overseas are issued through the Global Citizens Association office in Washington D.C. When you apply for coverage you become a member of the Association. If you are not in one of the states below, you must already be living abroad. You can then use the following address for application purposes: Global Citizens Association, 1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20036

Please indicate the zip code in your home area.

U.S. citizens living abroad who are 74 or younger at the time of application are eligible to apply for coverage.

IF you are residing in the USA, please contact us for a referral to a GEO Blue broker based in the USA.

Coverage may not be available in all states. The above list is subject to change without notice.

For US citizens, you can only apply via our web page if you are already living outside of the USA.

  • Will my pre-existing condition be covered under a GeoBlue Xplorer plan?

GeoBue Xplorer is administered using HIPAA guidelines. If you were previously covered by an annually renewable U.S. health plan that issues you a Certificate of Creditable Coverage, GeoBlue may credit you for this prior coverage. The number of months of coverage shown on the Certificate will reduce or eliminate the six-month pre-existing condition waiting period. If you have six or more months of creditable coverage, your waiting period will be eliminated. If you have less than six months of creditable coverage, your waiting period will be reduced by the number of months you had creditable coverage. For example, if you have two months of creditable coverage, your waiting period will be reduced from six months to four months. Note that GeoBlue still may not cover you or your pre-existing medical conditions, ask for exclusion or request additional premiums based on your medical history. More detailed info on the policy contract.

Eligible Family for GeoBlue Xplorer Plan

Family members included in the plan must be Eligible Dependents. An Eligible Dependent means a person who is the Eligible Participant’s spouse age 74 or less and/or:

  • unmarried natural child, stepchild or legally adopted child who has not yet reached age 19;
  • own or spouse’s own unmarried child, of any age, enrolled prior to age 26, who is incapable of self-support due to continuing mental retardation or physical disability and who is chiefly dependent on the Eligible Participant. The Insurer requires written proof from a Physician of such disability and dependency within 31 days of the child’s 26th birthday and annually thereafter.
  • unmarried child, from their 19th to their 22nd birthday who is a full-time student attending an accredited college, university, vocational or technical school, and who is fully dependent upon the Eligible Participant for support. The Insurer may require proof of student status, but not more than once a Year;
  • grandchild, niece or nephew who otherwise qualifies as a dependent child, if: (i) the child is under the primary care of the Insured Participant; and (ii) the legal guardian of the child, if other than the Insured Participant, is not covered by an accident or sickness policy.

The term “primary care” means that the Insured Participant provides food, clothing, and shelter on a regular and continuous basis during the time that public schools are in regular session.

A person may not be an Insured Dependent for more than one Insured Participant.

Eligible Dependents must be residents (either U.S. citizens or foreign nationals) of the U.S.

Maternity Benefits of GeoBlue Xplorer Plan

New applicants are ineligible for maternity benefits in the first 12 months of coverage under the GeoBlue Xplorer plans:

  • After 12 months of continuous coverage, a female member can choose to upgrade to a plan with maternity benefits.
  • After upgrading, members will be entitled to an unlimited maximum of maternity benefits. Newborn children will be covered automatically in the first 31 days. Wellness baby visits will be covered up to the policy maximum without a waiting period. Note that you should confirm with GeoBlue if pregnancy is covered or not, as their plan terms may have changed or your situation might not be applicable.
  • Newborns must be added to the policy within the first 30 days of birth, otherwise, the child will need to go through medical underwriting.

Strength of an American Underwriter & Superior Claims Handling

GeoBlue is the trade name for the international health insurance programs of Worldwide Insurance Services, an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. For members choosing a GeoBlue plan that offers benefits in the United States, you gain access to the largest national network and facilities that have been awarded the coveted Blue Distinction for superior medical outcomes. In the U.S., more than 80 percent of physicians and 90 percent of hospitals contract directly with Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans. GeoBlue also has an elite network of doctors from most every specialty ready to see you in over 180 countries.

Please read the GeoBlue Explorer plan terms & conditions carefully via the GeoBlue website quote page before applying. The above is subject to change without notice.

Contact us for more information on the GeoBlue plans. The above is subject to change by the insurer without notice.