William Russell was started in the early 1990s when businesses started to become increasing global and thousands traveled overseas for new job opportunities. William Russell is a global insurance third party administrator of international life, disability and health insurance policies for expatriates and their employers. Their international insurance plans are primarily underwritten by Allianz Netherlands, which is part of the Allianz Group. With nearly 155,000 employees worldwide, the Allianz Group serves approximately 75 million customers in about 70 countries. On the insurance side, Allianz is the market leader in the German market and has a strong international presence.

TFG Global has offered the William Russell international health insurance, disability and life insurance plans to individual expatriates and even multinationals for many years.

Note: While we are able to offer expatriates in the USA international Life and Disability insurance policies, the Health policies we offer are not available via TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. or its related web sites to citizens currently residing in the USA.

William Russell works through intermediaries such as Expat Financial (TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd.). As such we offer the following international expat plans from William Russell:

International Health Insurance

Both the Elite and the Essential plans for expatriates. Acceptance will be subject to approval by underwriting department.

International Life Insurance

A plan for employed expatriates in select countries. The coverage can be obtained as a standalone plan or  with the Income Protection Plan.

You can trust William Russell for strength, security and the highest standards of expertise, service and support. Wherever you are, they are available for questions and policy service.

The International Health policies are not available from us or from TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. to citizens currently residing in the USA. 

Please read plan terms and conditions carefully before applying. Contact us for more information!

The above coverage is NOT available to residents in British Columbia or Canada.