Allianz International Health Insurance

Allianz Global Health Insurance Coverage

Allianz Care offers four core plans to cover the medical expenses that you might experience in a hospital. The in-patient plans also offer rehabilitation treatment, nursing at home, medical evacuation, out-patient surgery and other services with a variety of deductibles available. Individuals up to age 69 can get a quote and apply online.

Core Plan:  You will need to choose your level of base coverage related to hospital care. Allianz’s Core Plans include a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments, as well as other benefits such as medical evacuation, nursing at home and rehabilitation treatment. Allianz offers expats three different Core Plans, each providing a different level of cover. The policy treats COVID-19 like any other illness and even includes Telehealth. If you wish, you can choose different Core Plans for each person under your policy:  Core – Core Plus – Core Pro

Coverage Levels On Top of Core Coverage

  • Select The following options:  Out-Patient Care, Dental, Repatriation
  • Maternity Coverage is available if you get the Premier plan level
  • Several deductible levels

Area of Coverage

Allianz Worldwide Care offers a choice of three different geographical areas of cover:

    • Worldwide, excluding the USA
    • Worldwide, including the USA
    • Africa Only

Allianz Plan Documents

The Allianz plan is not available to expatriates residing in the USA, China, Canada, Brazil and a select list of other countries – for expats & global nomads in these countries, get our Cigna Plan. When you contact us to get an Allianz quote, you have to list your citizenship and host country, and the online system will inform you if Allianz can cover expats or local nationals in that country. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements first. Note that the above is subject to change without notice.

Why Choose Allianz Worldwide through Expat Financial?

  • Excellent service from a large and global insurance company along with personal service from our firm TFG Global, which operates Expat Financial, at no additional cost and same great rates
  • We are your advocate both before and after you apply.
  • Choose several plans and options, including coverage for geographic regions.
  • Great value – from basic to comprehensive plans – you choose the coverage and options that can fit almost any budget.
  • Financial stability from a AA stable company from Standard and Poor’s.

Optional Benefits Available from Allianz

  • Maternity Plans – cover for routine maternity and complications from childbirth after a waiting period if you purchase the Premier Plan.
  • Out-patient cover – routine treatment and exams such as visits to doctors, diagnostic tests, vaccines and specialist fees.
  • Dental Coverage – cover for basic, restorative and orthodontic dental
  • Repatriation Plan – potential cover for necessary treatment that can’t be provided locally to cover transport to the nearest appropriate medical centre
  • Coverage for Treatment in the USA – otherwise, regular plans cover trips up to 6 weeks in duration for emergencies only as per plan terms and conditions.
  • You can request an Allianz plan that can underwrite some pre-existing medical conditions or go with their plan that has no medical underwriting and does not cover pre-existing conditions. 

Expat Financial offers a comprehensive international health insurance plan from Allianz Partners, which has a proven track record of providing global insurance plans to people around the world. Allianz Partners offers its Worldwide Care global medical plan to expatriates around much of the world along with some local nationals. It is an excellent global health plan from a very well-known and respected European-based insurance company.

Get Quote today.

The Allianz plan is not available to residents of certain countries. The plan is not available to people residing in the USA or Canada.

If you would like to discuss the Allianz plan and how it can meet your global medical insurance needs, please contact us today to discuss in more detail.

Availability of the Allianz Health Plan

The plan is not available to expatriates or local nationals who will be residing in the USA, Canada, Brazil, China, Egypt, Lebanon, UAE, Germany, Singapore or Australia & some other countries. The plan is available to expatriates and some local nationals where permitted by Allianz. Please contact us for more information or for a quote. We can potentially offer expats in these countries the Cigna or Expatriate Group plans.

Important Information: Please note that cover is subject to underwriting i.e. cover may be excluded for pre-existing conditions, or a higher premium rate may apply to reflect the higher risk due to pre-existing medical conditions or additional risk factors. The coverage is conditional upon acceptance of your application, which is only confirmed when an Insurance Certificate is provided.

Notice for American Expats or Expats in the USA: Note that the Allianz plan is not renewable if you move back to the USA and doesn’t meet the PPACA, HIPAA or COBRA requirements as it is for expatriates only.