Cigna International offers a comprehensive international health insurance plan that can be tailored to meet your needs and protect you and your family while living and working abroad. There are many options to meet almost any budget. The Cigna international health insurance plan is a great choice for individual expatriates.

Cigna International Health Insurance Plan

The Cigna plan provides expatriates access to over 900,000 hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners. It is one of the largest health insurance companies in the world with over 60 million clients and including 700,000 expat members. The expat health plan offers four distinct levels of cover: Close Care, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Also, check out our FAQs page for the Cigna Global Health Options plan. Expat Financial offers the Cigna International Global Health Options plans to expatriates & global nomads in select countries around the globe.

The Cigna global medical insurance plan offers very generous benefits with excellent claims and administration. You can rest assured that you are covered by a large global insurance company backed by superior underwriting and service. The plan is not available to local nationals residing in their country of citizenship, except for locals UK. IF you are an expat in Hong Kong, Kenya, Singapore or Indonesia, please request an online quote for the Allianz plan we offer HERE.

Cigna Core Coverage

The Cigna Global Health Options plan offers individual expatriates and those with families a high level of coverage with generous limits and a direct reimbursement philosophy where possible. The Cigna expat health plan has several deductible levels to choose from. The plan covers you worldwide except in the USA unless you add the optional benefit.

The plan offers in-patient coverage that includes:

      • Excellent hospital coverage for inpatient and day-patient care
      • Free choice of doctors or hospitals outside the USA and access to a very large global medical network for cashless claiming. See the Customer Guide for more details.
      • Extensive cancer coverage
      • Flexible cover options for expatriates of any age with excellent customer service
      • Free Telemedicine via Cigna provided App – A video chat system with a doctor for a free consultation.
      • Extensive psychiatric treatment
      • Your claims do not impact your policy at renewal
      • Parent and baby care. Maternity can be covered after a waiting period for the Gold and Platinum plans only
      • Up to 180 days of coverage in your country of citizenship per policy year
      • Emergency travel medical coverage for the United States if the USA coverage option is not chosen up to a set amount of days as per the plan terms and conditions. For those without cover in the USA, Cigna provides up to 60 days emergency out of area cover in the US, Restricted to 21 days per trip.
      • Cigna Global Health Options Plan Service & Support Features

Optional Benefits

Why to choose Cigna Global Health Options plan, it provides its clients with a policy that you can customize with a variety of options including:

  • Out-Patient Care – Care outside a hospital setting – such as physician & specialist visits, medications, scans & much more
  • Dental & Vision
  • International Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Wellbeing – Manage your health with screening, tests, exams and other wellbeing activities
  • Two coverage areas – Global excluding the USA and Global including the United States

Cancellation Policy For Cigna Global Health Policy:

Any customer can cancel their policy within the first 14 days and receive a full refund (as long as no claims have been made). After the 14 days cooling-off period has ended the customer can still cancel by sending CIGNA 7 days notice in writing. They will only be charged for their time on cover. This is subject to no claims being made on the policy and this is reviewed by Cigna on an individual basis. The Cigna plan is meant for people who are living abroad for a year or more. It is NOT a short-term travel medical insurance plan.

You can get a quote and apply online via the above quote button. Note that all individual expatriate health plans, including the Cigna plan, are subject to underwriting approval by the insurance company – so you may be approved, declined, offered an exclusion or a medical loading. If you apply, please make sure you provide your full medical history.

COVID-19 Coverage

The Cigna plan has no COVID-19 exclusion assuming you are not infected at the time of application/start date. Someone with long-covid or other medical conditions related to COVID-19 may encounter a decline or exclusion subject to medical evidence and approval by Cigna.

Same Premiums With Added Independent Advocacy When You Need It!

When you get an online quote for the Cigna international health insurance policy, you are getting the same coverage, premiums and service but with the added support and advice if required from Expat Financial’s dedicated team of insurance professionals. We don’t charge a fee and receive a referral on sales made via our website and Cigna’s secure servers. We have a very large block of individual and corporate premiums and clients around the globe and this can and has come in handy for our Cigna clients time and again. All premiums are payable to Cigna monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. A Cigna representative and TFG Global will follow-up after you obtain a quote online to answer any questions that you may have. Learn more about why HERE.

Who can apply?

If you are an expatriate, then you can apply and be covered subject to final approval by Cigna. An expatriate is a person residing in a country other than his or her citizenship. The Cigna plan is not available to expatriates living in certain countries, including Iraq, Iran, DRC, Singapore, Kenya, Afghanistan, North Korea, Sudan or Syria. The plan can cover you for a maximum of 180 days per policy year in your country of citizenship, and some hazardous sports and occupations may be excluded as per the plan terms and conditions, which you should read carefully. If you are an expat living in Hong Kong or Kenya, contact us for an alternate solution – including the Allianz plan we offer online.

How to Apply to Cigna

Obtain a quote and even purchase online. A new window will open and you will be connected to the Cigna quote page where you can get a quote and even apply online. The process is fast and simple. You can even edit the quote as you see how different options affect your premiums so you can select the coverage at the right price for you. Feel free to contact us for more information. The Cigna global individual plans are designed for expatriates and other globally mobile individuals and provide international benefits with only limited home-country coverage. This insurance plan is not intended as an alternative to home-country coverage and might not meet all of your applicable health, visa, or residency needs. Also, note that the Cigna global health plans is not available for sale in New York State and might not be available in other jurisdictions.