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How Can I Subscribe to an International Health Insurance Plan?

Another thing that you should consider is how to subscribe international health insurance plan when becoming an expat or if you are already living abroad. We get approached every day with this question, so we have put together some tips and considerations for future and existing global citizens and expatriates.

Here are 5 things to consider when thinking about how to subscribe international health insurance plan:

1. Think about your global health insurance needs

Even before you get a quote, thinking about your international health insurance needs and requirements is important. You should have a budget in mind when you are doing your research, as this will help you to plan your finances accordingly.

It is also important that you remember to ask the right questions when you are looking to make a decision. You will need to ensure that whatever policy you choose suits the needs of you and your family. So it’s important to carry out research and consider the insurance coverage costs that are involved.

Be sure to consider all the above points and try to choose a plan that suits your needs.

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2. Check to see what coverage options are available

When you are selecting your international health insurance plan, remember to check what coverage options are included. International health insurance companies offer a wide range of plans for expats.

Most major health insurers will give you the option of selecting which areas of coverage you wish to receive. For many expats, they will often want to stay connected to their home country in some way. So a lot of times, they will want their health insurance coverage to keep them covered there too.

So if you are someone who frequently travels to their home country, then having access to healthcare in your home country will be just as important as having access to healthcare in your new expat country.

3. Do your research before you move

Remember to do some research on what the healthcare options will be like in your new country before you move. This will be very helpful for you.

You may need to consider certain factors in your new country. For example, some countries are now making it a legal requirement for you to buy a health insurance policy.

So if you are moving to one of these countries, you will need to have your health insurance in order to be able to complete your expat move.

4. Make note of the benefits that come with your plan

If you don’t have an international health insurance plan, you put yourself at risk of paying for your own medical bills out of pocket. These costs can quickly become very high.

But the good news is that having international health insurance will allow you to be covered for these costs. Your health insurer will cover the cost of any medical treatments that you may need, as part of your policy.

5. Consider the differences in healthcare systems

Finally, you will need to consider if there are any differences in the healthcare system of the country you are moving to. It may be of a lower standard to what you are used to back in your home country.

One of the biggest benefits of having an international health insurance policy, is that it allows you to be treated privately. This means you will be covered and won’t be left stuck with high financial costs.

You will also receive added flexibility with your international health insurance plan, which means you may be allowed your choice of doctor, hospital and the time of your appointment.

Expat Financial – An Expat Health Insurance Resource for Global Citizens

Expat Financial offers international health insurance plans for individual expats as well as those who would like cover for their entire family.

Note that expat health plans for individuals are subject to medical evidence and your premium and coverage is also subject to the insurance company’s underwriting approvals. Get a global health plan you can afford BEFORE you need it – that’s how insurance works.

Expat Financial offers health plans from leading expat health insurance providers, such as Allianz and Cigna.

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