Insurance for American Expatriates

Medical Crisis Planning for Expatriates

An expatriate is someone who is living abroad in a different country to where they come from. People move all over the world for many different reasons, including moves for retiring abroad, moving because of a new job or work relocation or moves for family reasons.

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become an expatriate overseas

5 Tips for Home Sharing for Expats

Shared housing is not for everyone, but is becoming a popular way for expatriates and international citizens these days. Homesharing is an alternative way for expats and non-expats alike to reduce their housing needs. It can provide a lot of benefits for expats.

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A Beginners Guide to International Health Insurance

There are many things you will need to check on as you do your research into buying an international health insurance policy. One of the most frequently asked questions will always be, what does international health insurance coverage and what is it? We have developed beginners guide to International Health Insurance for future and current global citizens, expatriates, and global nomads.

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Business Travel & Expatriation Complexity

Covid Pandemic Added to the Business Travel & Expatriation Complexity

There’s a very good chance that COVID-19 will be endemic and something that expatriate employers and multinationals will have to contend with indefinitely. While there have been significant advances through the global Covid vaccination program for many employees in more developed countries, there are still huge swaths of the world that have low vaccination rates. Read more

outpatient coverage

5 reasons why you should add outpatient coverage to your global plan

Selecting the right global health insurance plan for your expat needs can be tricky. We recognize that there are many insurance terms to understand and a number of different options to select when you are choosing your plan. For those looking to decide whether or not to purchase outpatient coverage with their global health insurance plan, we have put together this helpful guide. Read more

6 Quick Tips to Stay Safe When Living Abroad

When you are living abroad, especially in destination cities and countries that may have higher levels of crime, it makes sense to learn how you can stay sound and safe when living abroad. We are not security experts, but here are some common-sense tips for expatriates, who are often targeted by criminal gangs for robberies, extortion and even kidnapping.

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digital nomad during the COVID-19 pandemic

8 Challenges Faced by Expatriates

Your first morning in a new country is filled with excitement and wonder. The sun may have risen earlier and brighter, and the air may smell different. For some, it may be a familiar experience going through something new. If you’re a new-timer, you may be a lot more curious and impatient to explore the city. As you go through your day, you find yourself facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. It’s common for expats to find themselves a little lost, trying to navigate their way. There are many challenges faced by expatriates when they move abroad.

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Expatriates & Mental Illness

Expatriates can Face Higher Rates of Mental Illness

Mental Illness & Expats

Living abroad as an expatriate can be very rewarding and exciting for an expatriate employee and his or her family members. However, many expatriate employees often face culture shock, homesickness and social isolation. There is often a lack of support for expats, and it can be more challenging to cope with living in a new country and culture. Many expatriates and their family members can be faced with mental illness – including stress, depression and anxiety. It is vital that an expatriate employer make sure that the group expatriate insurance plan contains coverage for mental illness.

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Evacuation Insurance Plans

Major cause of medical claims and evacuations for expatriates

It has been recently noted by the World Health Organization (WHO) that there were approximately 1.24 million deaths on the world’s roads in 2013. Traveling on the roads of the country you are living in is a critical component of an expat assignment or business trip. It is a good idea to investigate and understand the risk factors and take steps if possible to protect your safety.

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