Global Benefit Plan

Top 10 Global Benefit Plan Providers for Expat Employers

Let’s discuss the top ten global benefit plan providers for international organizations with global talent who must meet their duty of care with an international benefit plan. One of the most challenging insurance plans to put in place for a multinational employer is international group insurance plans, otherwise known as global benefit plans. Read more

International Major Medical Insurance

How do Expat Employers Compare Global Insurance Companies

We often get the question asked by our corporate and non-profit clients who have a diverse expatriate population abroad. Whenever a human resources manager or global mobility executive is building a global rewards strategy, they have to invariably think about setting up or managing an existing global benefits program that includes international medical care. Read more

Crafting a Global Rewards Strategy

Crafting a Global Rewards Strategy – An Insurance Expert’s Perspective

Expat talent is valuable, expensive and critical to retain if your company is either expanding overseas or already employing people abroad. Almost all global rewards and global mobility managers and senior executives get this, but often, many multinationals don’t put the work and resources into implementation. Read more

creating Insurance Plan for Expat Employees

How to Create an International Health Insurance Plan for Expat Employees

One of the most challenging aspects of human resources is sending employees abroad for long-term work assignments. Global mobility managers are a specialized subset of human relations and global benefits teams. Part of a duty of care for international employers is creating insurance plan for expat employees strategy and policy for expatriate employees. Read more

expatriate employees

Who is an Expatriate Employee?

Who are Expatriate Employees and Are You Considered One

We’ve all been hearing this term expat employee or expatriate worker. Living abroad and working on expat assignments are part of being an expatriate employee. Sometimes, the assignments are short, and sometimes it takes more than a year. Other times, expat employees travel from one country to another to complete their job tasks. So what exactly does it mean? In this article, we will explore the definition and what exactly it is to be an expatriate employee.

Read more

Global Medical Insurance Premiums

Why do expats buy international health insurance?

Many expats and global nomads may wonder why they need international health insurance when living abroad. In fact, as a foreign national, you and your family will most likely not be covered by free healthcare in the country where you are residing. Read more