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The Top 10 Healthiest Countries to be an Expat in 2020

A guide to the top 10 healthiest countries to be an Expat

Countries all over the world offer a variety of appealing aspects that may drive expats to relocate there. In recent studies, 6 out of the ten most healthy countries to live in are in Europe. Factors for the study include life expectancy rates, tobacco use, and obesity rates.  In no particular order, here are the top 10 healthiest and happiest countries to be an expat in 2020.

1. Iceland

Iceland has been regarded as one of the healthiest places to live (outside of Europe) for multiple reasons. The population of Iceland lives off of a farm-to-table philosophy. It means they believe in eating foods that are naturally abundant and fresh. They also have phenomenal governmental policies. They monitor industrial pollution and encourage businesses to use clean, renewable, and sustainable energy sources. Consequently, it has been an aid in the well-being of the countries health standards.

Furthermore, the local population says “water therapy” contributes to their happiness and health. Water therapy is sitting in waters on the natural hot springs found all over Iceland. The warm volcanic waters are relaxing to your body and mind. Also, Iceland tops in gender equality policies. It was the first country to remove the gender gap pay fully. Moreover, Iceland is a leading country for all gender inequalities for the world.

2. Switzerland

Switzerland has long been known to be one of the happiest and healthiest countries in the world. The way of life encourages a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. One of the reasons Switzerland is famous for is investing in its population. Furthermore, the government spends its budget on high standards of education, excellent health care, and innovations for the country. A well-balanced lifestyle has the people of Switzerland to be one of the countries with the lowest level of depression in the world.


3. Spain

Why put Spain on the top 10 healthiest countries list? Spain has one of the highest life expectancy rates, and it continues to increase as the years go on. Environmental factors, such as access to clean water and sanitation, a Mediterranean diet, minimal use of tobacco, and low obesity rates are just a few other reasons why Spain continues to be a desirable and healthy country to live. Spain is also known for its close and important familial ties and bonds that are ingrained into the local population. It, of course, isn’t the main reason why Spain tends to flourish, but it is an important factor. To know about healthcare system in Spain check out our healthcare region page.

4. Norway

Norway has also been placed in the top 10 healthiest countries to live. In a traditional Scandinavian way of life, Norway places a high value on a well balanced, active and healthy lifestyle. Another key point that drives Norway to the top of the list is shorter working hours. There are no requirements for employees to work past 4 p.m. Furthermore, it also cultivates a culture of minimal alcohol consumption. To know about healthcare system in Norway check out our healthcare region page.

healthiest countries

5. Germany

Germany stands out for career progression, work and life balance, work culture, and job security. This year there are major changes taking place in this country. Firstly, as of January 2020, there is an increase in the minimum wage, which is 9.35 euros per hour or 515 euros per month. Plus, this regulation also applies to those with no collective bargaining agreement. Furthermore, since Germany has a high shortage of skilled workers, the Immigration for Skilled Workers Act becomes law on March 1, 2020.

The good thing about this is that it allows professional workers from third world countries to come to Germany. However, they should possess professional qualifications, a job offer, and basic proficiency in the German language. To be a healthier country, Germany is also banning plastic bags, reducing tax rates on feminine hygiene products, mandatory measles vaccinations, and other important laws to fight climate change.

6. Sweden

A second Scandinavian country to top the list of the healthiest ten countries to live as an expat is Sweden. Known for a lifestyle of moderations (food & alcohol), Sweden is famous for living under the philosophy of “Lagom,” which indirectly translates to English as “not too little, not too much, just the right amount.” Hence, it allows the population of Sweden to live a casual lifestyle, eat healthily, walk everywhere and stay fit as global nomad. To know about healthcare system in Sweden check out our healthcare region page.

7. Israel

The Israelian population flourishes in a culture that promotes a vibrant lifestyle, spirituality, and a positive healing environment. They focus on an extremely healthy, fresh, and delicious diet that promotes the well being of the nation. Their healthy eating habits and lifestyle is one of the main reasons why Israel is one of the leading countries for life expectancy rates in the world. The emphasis on family and family values are also leading causes for the countries health prosperity.

8. Japan

The first of two Asian countries to be recognized as one of the healthiest countries to live in 2020 is Japan. One of the main reasons Japan is a healthy country is due to their diets and lifestyle. Furthermore, Japan has one of the highest life expectancies in the world, which is due partly to its green landscapes, its family values, and its well-balanced eating habits.


9. Singapore

The second Asian country to be an expat in 2020 is Singapore. Leading with one of the highest life expectancy rates in the world, Singapore has continuously considered as being one of the most sought out countries to live in as an expatriate. Living in Singapore is well known for being extremely safe and has some of the best food in the world.

10. Australia

Known for the Gold Coast and beautiful sandy beaches, Australia has continuously been placed on the list for the healthiest countries to live in as an expat. Complete with a sport and outdoor culture, Australia is one of the most active and adventure-seeking countries in the world. For information on health insurance for Australian Expats you can also visit our Australia Healthcare page. While some may indulge in a bit too many Fosters and shrimp on the BBQ, this outback country is an excellent expat destination. The country is well known for it’s laid-back lifestyle – the Australian population is known for being mostly healthy and happy!

Although these countries are listed as being the top 10 healthiest countries to live for an expat, it is still crucial that you obtain international health insurance if you are planning on pursuing an international relocation. Staying healthy is not easy, but everyone gets sick or has an injury at some point in their lives – that is why you must prepare for the worst by obtaining global health coverage that will be there when you need it!