Become an Expatriate Overseas

5 Things To Do Before You Become an Expatriate Overseas

Here’s a Quick To-Do List Before You Become an Expatriate Overseas

Moving abroad is both exciting and terrifying. As you start to plan your move to become an expatriate overseas, you realize there are never-ending tasks to be completed. There are so many things to knock down off your relocation checklist before you pack your bags and move to an expat destination. We don’t say this to scare you but give you a realistic idea of what needs to be done.

This article will cover the five most important things you need to do before moving abroad. It applies to any expat starting a new adventure.

become an expatriate overseas

Different countries require visas to enter the country. Depending on your passport, some countries do not require visas. Before you plan to become an expatriate overseas, do thorough research on the application, you need to fill up, deadlines, visa fees, etc. Find out what documents you need to prepare to get your visas ahead of time and compile them in the coming months.

If you plan to move to Costa Rica on a digital nomad visa, you would have to translate your documents into Spanish and ensure your home country authenticates it. Please don’t leave it to the last minute, as this process may take time, depending on where you are and the current situation in your country.

Healthcare Coverage

As the world combats with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, many countries have taken the risk to open their borders to ensure their tourism industry does not collapse. However, they have strict guidelines for ex-pats to show proof of international health insurance to enter. Find out what is required in your coverage and ensure your plan has COVID-19 coverage. If you’re planning to become a permanent resident, you may be eligible for national coverage in that country. Note that an uninsured medical claim can be quite large and financially disastrous – so it makes sense to get an international health insurance quote & apply online up to 45 days before you go abroad.

Furthermore, most countries also require you to take a COVID-19 test and show proof for a negative result. Otherwise, click here to get a quote as Expat Financial offers comprehensive plans from trustworthy insurance providers.

Schooling for Children

If you are an expat parent relocating with children, explore options for schools abroad. There are public schools, private schools, and international schools that cater to your children’s needs. You may want your children to immerse themselves in the local culture, so you may want to enroll them in a local school.

Others may opt for international schools to ensure their children’s education is not severely disrupted. To make it easier for parents, an expat father, Gerardo Robledillo, has compiled a database for international schools. This directory gives expat parents access to information to more than 2,000 schools in 71 countries.

Banking and taxes

4. Banking and taxes

When planning your finance, note down your domestic fixed costs such as mortgages, repayment loans, utilities, etc. Set up online banking for that to make it easier for you when you’re abroad. Let your bank know you’re planning to move overseas and get detailed information on what you need to do to endure all future withdrawals are not disrupted.

You also need to find out how your taxes change if you move to another expat destination. Some countries may require you to pay taxes even as an expat. Look into what is required for a retired expat. If you’re planning to work in your new expat destination, check the local tax requirements.

Staying connected with loved ones

5. Staying connected with loved ones

Final Thoughts

With all the excitement surrounding you as you prepare to move, don’t forget to care for your mental health. Once you arrive at your new destination, you may be overwhelmed by the unfamiliarity and the loneliness. Take time to pack what you need, such as a care package, so that you can find comfort in the unknown. However, these feelings usually pass once you’re well settled in your new home. It’s an exciting world out there, and you will make many new connections abroad!