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As many expatriates are not covered under employee group health plans, it is extremely important to purchase a global health care insurance plan while living abroad. Being an expatriate, you will have specific needs and requirements when it comes to your global healthcare coverage. There is a multitude of plans options to choose from, and you must consider both your expatriate insurance provider as well as the appropriate plan for you and your family.

How You Can Choose the Best International Health Insurance?

Choose the Best International Health InsuranceOn this page, we will help you determine what makes the best international health insurance plan if you are an expatriate living abroad or about to become one. If you are planning to live overseas, it is vital that you obtain a global health plan as local care may be unavailable to you or may even be substandard. Also, most local plans will often only cover the local population and will not provide for medical treatment abroad.

There are five things to look out for when trying to choose the best international health insurance coverage for you and your family members while going overseas. If you need help deciding on the best global health insurance, contact us or request a quote today.

Excellent Customer Service

There are a lot of companies out there offering global health coverage, but only a few offer excellent customer service. It is important that you work with a large global insurance firm that has a great reputation for delivering excellent service. However, no company is perfect and they will have some customers who were not happy with the service or simply can’t satisfy their requirements. It is vital that the provider answer questions quickly and have a 24/7 customer claims line with multilingual staff who can address your medical emergencies in far-flung regions of the world.

Competitive Premiums

We do not recommend always choosing a plan based on the premium rates alone. Most companies will have three or more levels of coverage, such as Silver, Gold, and Platinum. They will also be able to allow people to choose different modules of coverage along with small and large deductibles. In general, you will get what you pay for, therefore you should choose a plan that is competitive based on the value of coverage you are receiving.

Flexible Underwriting

Most providers that Expat Financial works with can underwrite many pre-existing conditions or at least provide a plan for you that will cover the majority of your health needs, but exclude that specific condition. It is important that you start an expatriate health plan knowing if your medical conditions are covered or not by providing detailed information during the application process. It may happen that the insurer will require extra premiums to cover the condition.

Access to a Large Medical Network

The best international health insurance providers will give their expats access to a large medical network where they can search out hospitals and not have to pay out of pocket. Once you are a customer, you can log into their customer centre and search out the network where you live. If the hospital is not in your medical network, most insurers will provide a guarantee of payment that should be accepted. Generally, small bills are submitted online or offline for reimbursement into your bank account.

Work with an International Health Insurance Expert

Insurance is confusing and there are a lot of options to choose from. Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., is an expat insurance expert with over 20 years of global insurance. We can help you choose from the various international health insurance options and providers that we work with, such as Cigna, GeoBlue and IMG. To learn more about the different options, allow us to deal with the details and to allow us to answer any questions, simply call, email or skype us today. Our quote request button on this page will allow you to make a special request. The rates by which the insurer’s charge will remain the same to you, even while using our added service and advocacy. All premiums are payable to the insurer of your choice. You can even obtain a quote and apply online.

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