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Five Reasons to pick a Global Health Provider with a Large Medical Network

When it comes to selecting a global health provider, there are many options for expats to choose from. With so many different companies in the market, it can be tough to decide on which option to choose. There are also many questions that you will need to ask yourself when deciding which health insurance provider to go with.

Reasons to pick the Global Health Provider

Where in the world will I be covered? What price will I pay? What are the medical evacuation options? What about customer support, will that be available 24/7?

But one of the most important questions you will need to ask yourself when selecting a provider is what is the size of the medical network that they have available? If you decide to go with a global health provider, it is very likely that they will have a very large medical network.

This means you can receive access to top-class health care facilities around the world, regardless of your expat location. When it comes to global health insurance, this decision can make all the difference as you will want to receive access to the very best care options available.

Here are 5 reasons why global citizens should pick a global health provider with a large medical network

1- Added flexibility

By choosing a global health provider with a large medical network, you will receive extra choice. You will be given the freedom and flexibility to choose medical treatment globally if there is a better healthcare facility available for you.

So for example, this means that if you are living in an expat destination where the local healthcare system may not be of a high standard, you will have the option to receive care in another location. In this instance, you will be given access to other doctors and top-quality medical specialists, to offer you the support you need.

2- Access to world-class facilities

Having access to the best medical facilities in the world is one of the main reasons why global health providers are so popular with global citizens. Many global healthcare providers will have over 1 million providers in their medical network. More often than not, if a hospital is in the insurer’s network, there is a better than good chance that the hospital is reputable – not always, but often the global health providers will check out a hospital’s credentials before contracting with them.

This means that you can be confident in a large number of provider choices and options available for you. You will be able to access treatment all over the world, ensuring that you receive the very best treatment available.

3- Experience and reliability

Global health companies will have extensive experience of helping expats around the world. Many global companies have been providing health insurance for several decades.

So you can rely on their many years of experience supporting expats just like you. With so many hospitals and healthcare professionals to choose from, it really helps with reliability, as you can rely on the medical network available to you and trust that there will be there right experts ready to assist your needs.

4- Financial protection

Finally, selecting a global health insurer will also offer you financial protection against any unexpected medical costs. Most global health insurers offer direct hospitalization payment on your behalf.

This means that you don’t have to pay out of pocket and can avoid large financial costs that can arise for hospital treatments or medical bills. If there is an emergency situation, the insurer will pay the hospital directly on your behalf, and this will be covered as part of your plan.

5. – Not having to pay out of pocket

In our experience, most expatriates when they are seeking medical care do not like to have to pay for medical claims out of pocket. While this is sometimes necessary if the medical facility is not in the network, is a small amount or the clinic or hospital simply doesn’t want to deal with an international insurer, we find that choosing a large global insurance company with a big network around the global is a critical factor as expats demand this.

Once you are a customer, you should be able to search their medical network via your customer portal, but you should have freedom of choice as to which hospital or MD you want to deal with. If the hospital is not in their network, most insurers will allow you or the administrator to call the insurer and ask for a guarantee of payment or GOP. Note that more often than not, small medical claims are paid by the customer and submitted to the insurer for reimbursement via their smartphone app, post or via email.

Here are some of the global health companies that offer expat health insurance via their large global medical networks:


Allianz is a well-respected European health insurance provider that offers health coverage to expats residing in Europe, Africa or Asia and wants coverage from a very well-known and respected European insurer.

Allianz offers a high-quality plan that is available for some local nationals residing in select countries outside the USA & Canada.

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Cigna is a large global health insurance company that offers excellent coverage, service and lifetime coverage for expats.

Cigna has a global network of 1.65 million hospitals and healthcare professionals in over 200 countries and territories.

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If you are an American citizen residing abroad, you may wish to consider GeoBlue, as their health insurance plans are administered using HIPAA guidelines..

GeoBlue has one of the world’s largest care networks through Blue Cross Blue Shield in the U.S. and Bupa Global outside the U.S.

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