expats moving abroad

Top Ten Questions and Tips For Expats Moving Abroad

Moving overseas is a major and exciting life change. If you are thinking of becoming an expatriate, there are questions to ask several things to look into before moving abroad:

Questions For Expats Moving Abroad

  1. Check to see how much support your expatriate employer will provide you in your move abroad
  2. Check with your spouse to make sure he or she is OK with this move abroad. Many expat assignments will fail because the spouse can’t stand living abroad.
  3. Talk to people and research the country and the position. There’s lots of information on expat websites.
  4. Travel to the country you will be moving to experience what life will be like there entirely. Don’t base it on a holiday experience.
  5. If you have children, what are the schools and childcare services in that country? Will your employer pay?
  6. Will your employer full pay for your travel expenses, including return trips to your home country during the year?
  7. Check on the tax implications of your move abroad. Talk to an ex-pat tax adviser to see if you should become a non-resident for tax purposes.
  8. Will your spouse be able to work abroad? Can she seek employment in the new country?
  9. What housing will your employer provide? Is it in a good area and close to schools? If you are going on your own, will you sell your house and buy a property abroad or merely rent?
  10. Make sure your employer will provide adequate global medical insurance that will cover you abroad as most expats do not want to rely on local health plans. Also, think about expat life and disability insurance for you and your family. If you are not being put on a group expatriate insurance plan, then you will have to look into international insurance coverage. Expat Financial offers a variety of plans for both multinational employers and individual expatriates, including international health insurance.