7 Challenges to Accessing Health Care Abroad

When moving abroad, you are likely to face many challenges along the way. For expats, these challenges can come in many different forms. Adjusting to a new culture, learning a new language, and the many different processes involved in moving will be a big test. But one of the other things which may also be a major challenge is accessing health care abroad.

To assist you and make your expat journey as smooth as possible, we have prepared this article. You will learn how having expat health insurance can help you to navigate these challenges and get the medical care that you need abroad.

Seven challenges to accessing health care abroad:

1- Financial planning for your health insurance coverage

The first challenge you may face is planning your finances. It will be very important to have a general understanding of how much medical care abroad is going to cost you.

Health care systems vary around the world and the price of accessing health care will depend on the country you are moving to. So be sure to do your research in advance to check this before you move to your new country.

If you are looking to save money abroad, we have this article with helpful advice for you.

Health Insurance Options for Expats

2- Dealing with the language barrier

Adjusting to a new language may be another challenge you face. Depending on where you are moving to and what level of fluency you have in the new local language, this may be a major challenge as you deal with the language barrier.

The language barrier can lead to several issues trying to access health care abroad, such as:

• Delays in receiving care
• Inability to get preventive services
• Financial strain

We also have an article that shares advice for expats on learning a new language while living abroad.

3- Accessing a high-quality medical network

This will be another challenge that you will need to keep in mind. Remember that one of the many benefits of choosing a global health care provider is that most major health insurers will provide you with access to a large medical network.

Having access can be very helpful for expats as they seek to receive medical care abroad. Accessing a large medical network will allow you to be able to choose to receive your treatment in another location if there is a better healthcare facility available for you instead of receiving care locally.

So for example, if you live in an expat destination where the local healthcare system is not of a high standard, you can choose to go somewhere else, as long as it is covered by your health insurance plan.

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4- Ensuring you have all the right paperwork and information ready

No matter where in the world you are planning to move to, you will need to have your paperwork and health information in order. You should be able to have your medical information ready and available to share with any healthcare provider in your new country. Doing this will be very helpful for you as you settle down in your new place.

If you have already purchased your health insurance plan, be sure to have the information ready when you are moving abroad. We have an international health insurance guide that you can download, which will help to guide you through the process.

This guide comes with many tips and helpful advice on:

• Understanding health insurance terms
• Information on how to compare global medical plans
• Advice on how to make an International Health Insurance Claim
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5- Paying for the health care you receive

The costs involved in receiving medical treatment abroad can sometimes be very expensive for expats. So this is another challenge you will need to prepare for. Depending on the location you are moving to, paying for healthcare might be more expensive than what you are used to paying in your home country.

But the good news is that with having an international expat health insurance plan, you will be covered, so you do not have to pay out-of-pocket for any treatments. This can be very helpful for you as you won’t be left to spend a large amount of money on any unexpected medical bills.

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6- Finding the right healthcare options in your new country

It may take quite some time for expats to learn and become familiarized with the healthcare system in their new country. It can be very challenging when you are in a new, unfamiliar country, and it can be even more difficult if you do not speak the local language.

So, this challenge may take some time for you to overcome as you get used to living in a new country. This is understandable and is part of the process of living abroad.

Your health care provider can also provide you with support and the best international health insurance companies will understand your unique needs as an expat living overseas and provide you with assistance.

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7- Purchasing your international expat health insurance plan

Finally, the last challenge to remember for accessing health care abroad is knowing which international health insurance plan to go with. Plans can be bought for individual expats, and they can also be for expats who are living abroad with their families.

Once you have your policy in place, you will be given the freedom to select a doctor or hospital that best suits your needs. You will also be covered by your policy for medical treatments and receive many extra benefits that can give you added peace of mind.

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