A Beginners Guide to International Health Insurance

There are many things you will need to check on as you do your research into buying an international insurance policy. One of the most frequently asked questions will always be, what does its coverage and what is it? We have developed beginners guide to international health insurance for future and current global citizens, expatriates, and global nomads.

Beginners Guide to International Health Insurance

There are many different aspects of an insurance plan and it is very important to check beforehand to see exactly what will be covered by your policy.

We understand that selecting the right expat health insurance coverage can be a tricky process as there are a lot of options in the market. There are also numerous insurance companies to choose from and each one will have many different health plans on offer.

In this article, we will take you through what is covered by insurance plan and also explain the decisions you will need to make as you are selecting your plan.

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Why is it important?

The quality of healthcare systems can vary around the world. Some countries may have a lower standard of healthcare system than the one you were used to in your home country. For this reason, having expatriate health insurance plan can be especially worthwhile for you.

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What types of healthcare treatment does it cover?

When you are going through the process of buying international health insurance, it is very important that you check to see exactly what is covered by your policy. Be sure to carefully read through the plan that you will be buying so that you are fully aware of what you will be covered for.

If you do not do so, you may be in a tricky position down the line. The good news is that your health insurance provider will share a full breakdown of what is included in your plan by providing you with the information in advance of your purchase.

You will always be provided with terms and conditions to show what exactly is covered by your plan. You may also receive a summary of your plan benefits.

Typically, your insurance plan will include:

• Access to emergency support
• Emergency evacuation support
• Prescription benefits
• Hospital treatment and stays
• Routine check-ups
Potential coverage for pre-existing conditions
• Choice of medical providers

There are also extra benefits that you can add to your plan. These will vary depending on which health insurer you go with, but the benefits can often include:

Dental care
• Vision care
Maternity care
Medical evacuation plan

These are just some of the additional benefits that can be added to your plan. It is recommended that you consider if any of these extra benefits will be beneficial for you. For expat employers,  you can choose group global health insurance plan.

For some people, having these benefits can be extremely useful. For example, having a maternity plan may be very useful for those who are planning to start a family abroad.

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What is a medical evacuation plan?

Medical evacuation, also known as repatriation cover, can be very useful for the policyholder and their dependents. It means that if the required medical treatment they need is not available locally, they can be transported to the nearest suitable medical facility.

Keep this in mind especially if you are living in a remote country. with limited medical facilities and expertise.

Why should I buy?

One of the biggest benefits of having an insurance plan is having access to high-quality healthcare treatment, regardless of where you are living in the world. This is because you will receive access to the medical network of your health insurer.

This means that you will often be securing access to a high-quality level of healthcare. For example, at Cigna, customers can receive access to healthcare support in over 200 countries around the world.

Which health insurance plan should I purchase?

When you are selecting your cover, you start off by choosing your base cover. Both Allianz and Cigna offer three levels of plans for you to choose from. Each core plan will have a special annual benefit limit.

This is the maximum limit per beneficiary per period of cover. The greater limits will be used for the highest level of coverage.

You will need to select which geographical regions you need to be covered in. The options are usually either a worldwide policy including the USA or worldwide excluding the USA.

It is best to do your research in advance to find a plan that is most suitable for you. Remember to keep in mind what budget you have available so that you can plan ahead with your finances.

For more information about the cost, read our article here: how much does international health insurance cost?

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