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International Health Insurance Coverage for the Expatriate Group

Expat Financial is proud to offer an excellent international health insurance solution for individual expatriates in need of affordable international healthcare plans for expatriates and global nomads. The plan is set up to offer three levels of medical care for people living abroad to suit almost any budget and needs. It is very easy to get a quote and even apply online.

As the name suggests, The Expatriate Group’s International Healthcare product provides medical insurance for expatriates who are living and working abroad. Their focus is to deliver peace of mind is reflected in 3 key plans, which offer varying levels of cover to suit your personal circumstances and budget. The Expatriate Group is based in the UK and has over 100,000 current active policies globally. Their Healthcare plan has no medical underwriting at the time of application, instead, it simply excludes medical conditions suffered in the two prior years, so this means you will be covered immediately on application, but pre-existing conditions will be excluded.

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The plan is backed by the Expatriate Group, which is based in the UK and covers over 225,000 people globally. This plan has no medical underwriting at the time of application as pre-existing medical conditions are excluded.

If you are going for under 1 year, we suggest their Short Term Global Health Plan.

Pre-existing Condition as noted in the plan terms & conditions (please read via quote page) – Any condition, disease, Illness or injury, secondary or associated complaint where You have sought or received advice, Treatment, therapy, been submitted to a special diet or shown symptoms in the two years prior to Your Effective Date (whether or not the condition has been diagnosed).

Expat Health Insurance

Global Health Insurance Coverage Plan Features

The key benefits of the global health plans offered by Expat Financial as follows:

  • Easy to understand and purchase healthcare coverage with instant coverage
  • 24/7 Claims support & a large medical network
  • Comprehensive coverage options
  • Free choice of hospitals and doctors
  • Very competitive premiums and coverage for life if you purchase under age 65
  • Premium rewards for not claiming as per plan contract
  • Coverage for maternity is available
  • Preventative care is available
  • Medical evacuation cover is included
  • Dental and optical options
  • No claims discount up to 20% – for new customers too!
  • Backed by large and respected international insurance underwriters such as GuardRisk and GenRe

Learn More & Obtain a Quote

To learn more and obtain a quote and even possibly secure coverage before you move abroad or even after you have already become an expatriate or global citizen, you can click on the quote button and view all the coverage details, plan terms, rates, and options. The coverage and premiums are all payable to the Expatriate Group based in the United Kingdom.

Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global, is your agent and advocate both before and after you purchase online for you and your family – same rates and coverage, but with our added service and support both now and in the future. Contact us to discuss if you wish. The policy is not available to local nationals – those not living outside or about to live outside their country of citizenship. With over 3 decades of experience in the provision of international healthcare, The Expatriate Group is well placed to provide you with the right cover, at the right price to compliment your lifestyle overseas. The

Expatriate Group expat health plan does not have a pandemic exclusion included, providing the client has no symptoms, that it would not be exasperated by any pre-existing condition; respiratory, heart for example.  Amount of cover is subject to level of cover chosen. Please make sure you read the plan terms and conditions carefully when you obtain a quote online.

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Global healthcare for global citizens can be this simple.