International Health Insurance Consumer Guide for Expatriates

We realize that moving abroad is a huge endeavor for individual expatriates and their family members. You may already be living abroad as a global nomad, expatriate or digital nomad. Maybe you are retiring overseas or taking an overseas job. One of your biggest requirements for living abroad is international health insurance and we have developed a very comprehensive and easy to understand global health insurance guide for expatriates.

International Health Insurance Consumer Guide

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    International Health Insurance Consumer Guide Contents

    This guide is over 20 pages of vital information and tips for expatriates, including:

    How Do I Obtain the International Health Insurance Guide?

    Future and current expatriates can obtain this free international health insurance consumer guide by downloading via this webpage or simply completing the form below and the guide will be emailed to them in Adobe PDF format. You will be given the option to join the Expat Financial newsletter and a link to the main international health insurance plans that we offer. You will not be contacted after that initial automatic email unless you contact us or join the quarterly newsletter. It is that easy.

    How Do I Get a Quote for International Healthcare?

    There are several links in the international health insurance guide for expatriates, global nomads and international citizens. You can get a quote via several options that we offer: