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Dental Coverage for Expatriates

Dental treatment in most countries is incredibly costly. Usually, there is a waiting period before insurers will allow any treatment claims. Always make sure to check on your insurer’s policies on their waiting period if they have one as the length of time varies. Some insurers may cover pre-existing dental issues as many people have needed previous dental care and it is unlikely that someone doesn’t have pre-existing dental. After a certain waiting period insurers will may cover pre-existing dental issues depending on the policy provider. It is important for international citizens living abroad to take care of their dental healthcare when living abroad as this can also impact their overall health.

There are usually three types of dental services covered by insurers:

1. Regular Dental CareDental Coverage for Expatriates

  • Emergency care
  • X-rays
  • Root canals
  • Regular anesthesia
  • Tooth cleaning
  • Consultations and examinations
  • Occlusion bar
  • Simple fillings

2. Large Dental Operations

  • Root scaling
  • Tooth adjustment
  • Periodontists care
  • Membrane care
  • Bridgework and repairs
  • Gingivitis care
  • Temporary crowns, porcelain crowns and gold jackets

3. Orthodontics

  • Ortho expenses for dependent children, usually up to a $1500 lifetime maximum. 

Contact Expat Financial for a plan that will provide global dental coverage for expatriates as part of your global medical package. We offer a variety of international health insurance plans that offer optional dental and vision coverage. This includes Cigna and Allianz. We do not offer a global dental plan on a stand-alone basis. Most expat health plans will offer several levels of international dental insurance coverage for you and your family that will help you manage future dental health bills.

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