Countries to enjoy work-life balance

Top 5 Countries To Enjoy Work-Life Balance for Expats

Learn About the Top 5 Countries To Enjoy Work-Life Balance for Expats


For expats, digital nomads, and global citizens, living in a country that gives importance to the quality of life is ideal. But, which are the countries to enjoy work-life balance? The definition of quality of life is broad, but for expats, it comes down to finding an optimum balance between work and play. 

The work-life balance also depends on the country you have chosen to work in. Expats working in most countries have expressed an above-average satisfaction. Which means they have a good working environment and post-work entertainment. So, if you are thinking of moving abroad, it is obvious you’d like to reside and work in a country that is dedicated to work-life balance. We have compiled a list of top five countries to enjoy work-life balance for expats, but of course this list is not absolute and just a sampling and our opinion.


countries to enjoy work-life balance

1. Norway


A whopping 72% of expats believe that they make more money in Norway than if they were working in their home country. Norway prioritizes education, giving children the opportunity to choose a career path early on. Expats in Norway are highly satisfied with their work-life balance and their working hours. Citizens of Norway also often have good job-security. Note that taxes there may be higher than you are used to. To know about healthcare system in Norway check out our healthcare region page.

2. New Zealand


Statistics reveal that most expats moving to New Zealand, do not have work on their minds. It is their search for a better quality of life that takes them to New Zealand. The small percentage that does job full time only has to do so for 42.3 hours/week. The laid-back and friendly lifestyle is what makes New Zealand one of the countries to enjoy work-life balance.  It is also a destination with little or not COVID-19. To know about healthcare system in New Zealand check out our healthcare region page.

3. Malta


Though expats working in Malta have to clock 43.9 hours/week, they report above-average happiness with their working hours. But the most frequently cited reason by expats for moving to Malta is a better quality of life. It is quite similar to what expats moving to New Zealand say. However, expats there work fewer hours than in Malta. It is the opportunity to work and earn well that draws expats to Malta. There are about 43% of expats who state that career prospects are a bit restricted. To know about healthcare system in Malta check out our healthcare region page.


4. The Netherlands


The state of the economy and labor market in the Netherlands is what gets expats moving there. Also, full-time employees work 2.3 hours less per week than the global average. The relaxed, hassle-free life, coupled with excellent working conditions, is what attracts highly educated expats. To be noted that more than half the expats in the Netherlands hold a master’s degree or similar.

5. Czech Republic


Expats in the Czech Republic work the longest hours (44.9 hours), as compared to the others working in the ‘happy’ countries. However, it is still is a favorite destination for global citizens. Expats are satisfied with their working hours as well as their work-life balance in the Czech Republic. Other factors, such as career prospects, quality healthcare, and job security rate high on the satisfaction list of expats. 

Global Health Insurance is Important for Work-Life Balance

Moving to a new country is an exciting adventure. To keep the momentum going, we advise having international health insurance for expats, digital nomads, and global citizens before travelling. It will help you when there’s an illness or a medical emergency. Expats can get suitable coverage that fits their needs.