Job Opportunities for Global Nomads

Top Job Opportunities for Global Nomads

Top Job Opportunities for Global Nomads & Expatriates

Have you dreamed of living or working abroad as a global nomad or expatriate? One of the best ways to live abroad and experience what the world has to offer is to take a job assignment overseas. Many parts of the world require expatriate staff who have experience in select occupations and industries and can provide competitive salaries and benefits. Some people find remote working opportunities more conducive instead of slogging at their usual 8-hour corporate desk jobs back in their home country. While travelling the world and leading a nomadic life is appealing for numerous reasons, not everyone can do so. A carefree life of international travel and sustainable earning poses one big question — what are the job opportunities available for a global nomad? How do you sustain yourself while living abroad as a global citizen?

With the continuous growth in technology, the number of remote jobs that global nomads can undertake has grown manifolds. Whether you like to write, handle operations, or code, if you think you are cut out to work remotely and remain efficient at it too, then scroll down for top job opportunities that global nomads can take advantage of in Asia. While most of these global careers are for digital nomads, some may be office-based.

Here are some of the most popular occupations for global citizens and nomads:


Programmers are mainly responsible for computing codes for apps, websites, and software. Moreover, they are adept at computer languages that are needed to communicate with a digital interface. As the digital world keeps expanding, the requirement for skilled programmers also continues to increase. A programmer can work independently from any part of the world and they are often in high demand.

Website Developer


Website developers are responsible for the development, maintenance, and sustenance of websites. Furthermore, they are skilled in coding and use specialized computer languages to perform the job. The layout, style, visuals, and other functionalities of a site are also decided by a website developer, along with testing and building a website. The growing need to have an online presence has increased the demand for web developers and their skills. A web developer’s nature of the job perfectly suits the globally nomadic lifestyle.


SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist possesses a skill set that is vital to the online success of any business operation. The SEO specialist twists specific codes in the framework of a website and ensures that the site comprises of highly searched keywords relevant to its domain. They are the first ones to know where the site fails to attract the attention of a search engine. It’s an easy-to-learn skillset but challenging to master. That’s why there is an ever-growing demand for highly skilled SEO experts.

Social Media Marketer

Almost all elite brands have a robust social media presence. Business houses need Social Media Marketers to build, refine, and manage their presence as it helps to maintain a brand’s public image. It is the marketers who schedule social media posts and engage consumers through online contests, giveaways, and web events. They also respond to customer queries and comments on the social media handles of the brands. Social media is pervasive in today’s business environment, which is why social media marketers are a treasured part and parcel of any brand’s core identity.

Customer Support Representative

In taking cognizance of the fact that no product or service is faultless, companies require Customer Support Representatives to support customers when problems or bugs arise. The work profile is excellent since it places the Representative in a position to help people at the time of crisis. It allows them to go beyond the walls of the company to make an impact on disgruntled customers.

Language Teacher – ESL

The magic of the internet allows the idea of language learning to flourish, even when people are continents apart. Travellers who often communicate with other cultures have this advantage that can turn into an opportunity.


Writers are an indispensable part of the digital landscape. There is an innumerable number of tasks that a freelance writer can take up for sustenance. Writing Emails, Advertisements, eBooks, Social Media posts, Video Scripts, Blogs, Articles, as well as reviews are some of them. What’s fantastic about being a global nomadic writer is that there will hardly ever be a time when they would be out of work. It is an ideal gig for a traveller in transit.

Financial Analysts

We have seen many expatriates in financial services who are being hired by financial companies such as banks and investment finance firms. The Caribbean is a big destination for expatriates in the financial industry and the income levels are very high.

Mining Workers

Many mine sites around the world employ numerous expatriates and our firm has extensive experience in providing group benefit plans that will include health, dental, evacuations much more. These positions are often in remote corners of the globe, such as South America and Africa. However, this rewarding job can provide excellent income opportunities for mining engineers, but also geologists, security workers and many more occupations that are required to operate complex mining sites.

DesignerExpatriate Insurance

Like writing, designing too is an essential element of the digital world. The visual component of every product is taken care of by a designer. In this digital age, the social media presence, the logo, and the overall feel of a company’s website are instrumental in building and maintaining a brand’s identity. Designers, therefore, remain vital to the business world.

Video Creator

Video creators dominate the digital world and earn big money. Big business houses are beginning to perceive the growth potential of video marketing and want to capitalize on it. To be able to reach out to a broader customer base, they are employing more and more video creators to enhance their businesses. From the business perspective, it implies an increase in demand for high-quality video makers. These talented and expert video creators are, in turn, producing content that captivates, entertains, and has mass appeal.


One of the most effective and rewarding jobs for a global nomad, blogging has opened several avenues to them. Bloggers work on direct advertisements, affiliate marketing, and sponsored posts. They create content, videos, and graphics to market a particular niche. As a part of the content creation industry, blogging has turned into a million-dollar enterprise.

Global Nomads Need Health Coverage

No matter what your profession is, or which country you are in, it is essential to have a health insurance plan that will provide coverage during illnesses and medical emergencies. As a global nomad, you would like to opt for an international health insurance plan which is best suited for your needs during your stay in an Asian destination.

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