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Healthcare System for Expats in Tanzania

Tanzania is an East African country that has been gaining popularity among expats from all over the world. Healthcare system in Tanzania is still in its development phase, so it is not as effective as most of the Western countries. Many expats also seek treatment from private hospitals in the country as they employ experienced and highly trained staff and have access to the latest medical equipment. Expats planning to stay in Tanzania can purchase international health insurance to get treatment in various private hospitals within Tanzania, and even abroad when required. Check out this CDC link to get health information for Tanzania.

Overview of Healthcare System

The health delivery system in Tanzania has improved a lot in recent years. Even so, being a developing country with limited resources, Tanzania’s healthcare system is far from being as good as healthcare systems in developed nations or even close to South Africa. At present, the country’s public healthcare system is struggling with a shortage of trained medical staff, lack of funds, and limited access to adequate medical technology.

Most of the hospitals in Tanzania are located in cities, while those living in rural areas have to come to cities to get treatment. Payment for treatment at most of these hospitals has to be made in cash. Many serious medical conditions require air evacuation to Kenya or South Africa, which are the nearest countries that have the latest medical technology.

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How Tanzania’s Healthcare System Works for Expats?

Expats living in Tanzania must go for private health insurance. Since most of the local population does not go for private insurances, there are very few companies that currently offer these plans in the country. Such insurance plans cover them for treatment at Tanzania’s best private hospitals. Expats are recommended to go for private health insurance plans that also cover emergency air evacuation when needed.

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Public Healthcare

The best of hospitals in Tanzania are located in Dar es Salaam and Arusha. Most of the local population relies on these public hospitals to get treatment. Despite having undergone a major overhaul very recently, the standard of the public healthcare system in Tanzania is still not as good as what expats expect. This is a major reason why many expats opt for private healthcare instead.

Private Healthcare

Private healthcare facilities in Tanzania are in a much better condition than public hospitals. The doctors as well as staff in these hospitals can speak in English and can treat most of the ailments. Even then, there are times when even private doctors are incapable to treat their patients. Expats can ensure safe air evacuation to nearest countries for treatment in such situations by buying a comprehensive international healthcare policy.

Medicines and Pharmacies

There are several pharmacies located all around the cities of Tanzania, though many of the medications may be available in limited numbers. Expats who have chronic problems should bring their prescription and medications along while traveling to Tanzania. It is also vital that you have the appropriate vaccinations for living in Tanzania

Pre-travel Vaccinations for Expats

Being a developing country with limited funds, Tanzania has a long way to go to ensure adequate healthcare for residents and expats. This is why expats are recommended to get vaccinations for Tetanus, Rabies, Measles, Mumps, Typhoid, Polio, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, etc. before traveling to Tanzania. They can consult a medical practitioner in their country to learn more about these medications.

Best Private International Medical Insurance Plans for Expats in Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the world’s poorest countries and so has limited access to adequate medical facilities. Expats who work or live in Tanzania can get better treatment at Tanzania’s private hospitals, but even they fall short for certain conditions. As such, expats can buy comprehensive international health insurance that can cover them for all kinds of treatment within Tanzania and abroad when required.

Expats in Tanzania can go for international insurance plans offered by leading insurance companies like Allianz Care and Cigna. Expats can compare the plans offered by these companies, the benefits they cover, and what additional benefits they have, before choosing the best plan for themselves.

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