New Zealand Healthcare system

Expats all over the world prefer Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) as one of their favorite destinations. This region offers them an improved standard of living. Oceania has everything it takes to provide better standards of living for both expat singles and families. However, wellness and joy are expensive. Here’s what you need to know about the Oceania healthcare system and medical insurance options for expats.

Learn About the Oceania Healthcare System and Medical Insurance Options for Expats

In Oceania, medical charges at private medical centers are very steep. Besides this, social security reimbursements do not cover these types of expenses. Therefore, whether you are visiting the region for a few days or a more extended period, you must be prepared for any sudden emergency. Make sure you have international health insurance before you travel to Oceania. This will provide the desired protection against any type of accident, hospitalization, or evacuation.

More than 70% of the residents are happy with the quality of healthcare the region offers. Good healthcare further enhances expats’ standard of living in Oceania. Healthcare expenditure in Oceania is lower than the world average.

More than seven out of ten people in Australia and New Zealand appreciate the quality of healthcare. Additionally, more than two-fifths find it affordable. This might be due to ease in the processing of doctor’s appointments and prescriptions that are somewhat sponsored in both countries. The region’s government hospitals offer free treatment. Moreover, more than 9% of the GDP spending of both these nations goes into healthcare. This has resulted in a dependable and inexpensive system.

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Healthcare Systems in Various Oceania Countries for Expatriates

AustraliaNew ZealandFijiPapua New Guinea – Marshall Islands – French Polynesia

Understanding Oceania Healthcare System for Expatriates

The healthcare system is robust in Australia and New Zealand and is comparable to a few of the world-class healthcare systems. A WHO report rates the Australian health system as 32nd in the world. On the other hand, the healthcare system of New Zealand is placed in the 41st position.

Let us take a look at the healthcare system in some of this region’s countries separately:

  • Australia has one of the world’s best-ranked healthcare system. The country’s public healthcare system caters to treatments of every price range. Medicines are available at subsidized rates. The private healthcare system is also excellent. Expats choosing private treatment in Australia can also access additional services such as home nursing, podiatry, physiotherapy, chiropractic, dental, etc.
  • Since its launch in the 20th century, New Zealand’s healthcare system has gone through many transformations. The country’s public healthcare system is free or subsidized for treating citizens and permanent residents. To avail the benefits of this system, you must register and procure a valid work permit. Expatriates can also choose private healthcare to stay away from long waiting times and get better quality healthcare.
  • If you are an expat, you can access superior quality healthcare in French Polynesia. Nevertheless, for all critical ailments, doctors may advise medical evacuation and encourage patients to travel to Australia, the USA, or Europe.
  • In Papua New Guinea, healthcare is efficient, though still in a developmental stage. This may indicate that you can access basic healthcare facilities provided by the government. Nonetheless, here again, in case of a crisis, evacuation by air may be inevitable.oceania healthcare system

Health Insurance for International Citizens in Oceania

Despite government aid, getting medical support in Oceania countries may be an expensive deal. Also, the queues are usually very long at public hospitals. If you are an expat and prefer a private medical facility, you will have to spend more.

Therefore, as an expat, you should choose a suitable international private insurance plan that provides for almost all unforeseen expenses. Select a policy that covers treatment expenses at private facilities, with a minimal waiting period.

Repatriation and Health Insurance in Oceania

What is the necessity for international health insurance while traveling to or living in Oceania? Healthcare can be costly in this part of the globe. Also, assured repatriation is an essential factor. Sometimes, medical repatriation, often to the closest medical center or to the country of residence, becomes unavoidable. You may have to rent a helicopter or medical aircraft, based on your location at the time of the accident and the medical advice. Thus, life as an expat becomes easier when you have comprehensive international health insurance in Oceania.

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