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Learn About Global Health Insurance Options for Expats & Global Citizens Living in China

China is a significant destination for expatriates and global nomads who are looking for economic opportunities. Expats can also enjoy a wide range of cultural experiences in this great country. Still, one of their key concerns is obtaining global medical care for themselves and any family members who may be joining them. Having access to high-quality medical care in China is essential, but it is also quite expensive. One would generally assume that health insurance options in China for an expatriate is quite cheap, but the exact opposite is true. Also, expats residing in China not only need access to medical care in China but also outside of China on a regional basis, back home in their country of citizenship and globally.

Accessing Medical Care in China

In the major cities, most expatriates will want to seek medical care from the private medical system, which is quite good visit our page healthcare system in China for more information. Moreover, some of the hospitals can rival what is found in the West. You can often expect first-class service and support at most hospitals in China. But it comes at a high price, and insurers have to price this into their rates for expatriates in China.

Is Healthcare Free in China for Expats?

The short answer is maybe. The healthcare systems in China often provide basic coverage for Chinese nationals and, in many cases, expatriates as well. But it will be at public hospitals that most expats will not want to visit. If your employer provides healthcare there, great. But it probably won’t cover you outside of China, which is a big problem for most global citizens.

How Much to go to a Doctor in China?

It can often be quite inexpensive to go to a GP in China, maybe $25 or $50. But again, the doctors who treat expatriates are most likely to charge a lot more. A specialist visit for a foreigner can also be quite expensive.

Is there a Shortage of Care in China?

According to the World Health Organization, China has one medical doctor for every 6,666 people compared with the international standard of one for every 1500 to 2000 people. It is quite common for Chinese nationals in China to go to a specialist or hospital for minor conditions, such as a fever or headache. Additionally, they request for expensive tests and medications. As a result, it can tax the medical system and make accessing care more difficult. Local nationals can get quite upset when they are not able to obtain care. Sometimes, they become violent towards doctors and nurses.

Wuhan Coronavirus


The Covid-19 pandemic has largely been brought under control in China and there is a very high rate of vaccination there as well. Becoming an expatriate in China has become more difficult as a result and obtaining a visa to live there will be a challenge. You will definitely need to be vaccinated if you plan to live in China and expect a very long and strict quarantine as well once you arrive. Continue to monitor the situation there and follow local guidelines. very about the virus since the outbreak, but it has resulted in prompt action. The disease is severe enough for the Chinese Government to build two hospitals in a week. Make sure that any global health coverage you buy before or after moving to China fully covers Covid-19 like any other illness.

Should I Rely on Domestic Health Insurance options in China?

Well, you may have no choice but to rely on a local health plan if your employer is a Chinese company. It is a similar situation if your foreign company has put you on a local insurance plan. Our firm works with large global companies that have placed their expatriate staff on one of our corporate global health plans that can fully cover expats there. Similarly, we also have many individual expatriate clients covered throughout China with some excellent global health plans.

How Much Does Global Health Insurance Cost in China?

The cost of global medical coverage for expatriates and global nomads residing in China depends on many factors, including:

  • Occupation
  • Age
  • Citizenship
  • Health status
  • Deductible
  • Options you choose, such as out-patient care, dental, evacuation and access to medical care in the USA

So this is not an easy question, so it makes sense to obtain a quick quote for the best global health plan we offer from Cigna. GeoBlue also provides excellent medical care for American ex-pats in China as well.

As noted above, the medical plan options you choose have a significant impact on the rates charged by the insurer. Some global nomads residing in China may choose a hospital-only plan, but if you are living there for the long term, a plan with out-patient care and evacuation is a good idea. If you plan to become pregnant in China, make sure you get a policy that covers maternity. Most individual expat health plans have a 12-month waiting period if maternity coverage is available.

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