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Learn About the Tajikistan Healthcare and Insurance Option for Expats

Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia that’s blessed with some of the most picturesque mountains. It provides visitors opportunities for hiking and climbing. The country continues to be one of the poorest countries among the East European and Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). However, in recent years its economy has begun expanding rapidly. Tajikistan is making steady advancements in the healthcare sector as well. Most medical practitioners and staff working are professionals. However, the equipment available at most government-run hospitals is outdated or unavailable. Here’s more information on Tajikistan healthcare and insurance options for expats.

We advise expats to bring along their first aid kit with all essential supplies, including their prescribed medications. We also suggest that you obtain a comprehensive international insurance plan before arriving here so that you can seek emergency evacuation to another country without straining your pocket. Comprehensive international insurance includes emergency evacuation that can secure your treatment in the nearest facilities with a much better healthcare setup and infrastructure.

Do Doctors Speak English in Tajikistan?

The most common languages you will hear from the locals are Russian and Tajik. A few of the doctors working in public hospitals may also speak English, but it is unlikely that the support staff are fluent in English. Therefore, most expats bring a translator with them when visiting a hospital or clinic for treatment.

Similarly, doctors at private clinics in Tajikistan are more likely to communicate in English, but many of the staff employed there would know only Russian or Tajik.

If you are considering staying for long, you should learn a few words in Tajik that will come in handy while shopping around, asking for directions, or getting proper treatment at any facility of your choice.

Finding the Right Doctor at a Hospital in Tajikistan

As an expat, the language barrier can be very challenging in Tajikistan. Alternatively, you could also approach the US Embassy in Tajikistan that maintains a list of medical facilities and doctors operating near you.

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Types of Hospitals in Tajikistan

Tajikistan was probably the worst-affected country after the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1991, the country was baren with physicians after the exit of Russian doctors. Furthermore, the country was importing most of the critical medical supplies. Such an acute shortage led the government to end the free healthcare program in 2003.

However, the healthcare sector in Tajikistan is currently in a transitional phase, and it is working to become self-sufficient in the future. At present, most of the leading hospitals (public and private) in the country are based in the capital city of Dushanbe.

Difference between Public and Private Hospitals in Tajikistan

The health division of the Tajikistan government manages the public hospitals in the country. Many of these hospitals do not have the proper equipment to treat patients, although the hospital staff and doctors are dedicated and competent. The language barrier can be a concern at times. You can request any of the locals to help with translation while visiting public hospitals.

Private hospitals, on the other hand, are equipped with better equipment and infrastructure. Their doctors can speak in English too. But there are only a few private hospitals in Tajikistan, and most of them are based in or near the capital city of Dushanbe.

Is Medical Care in Tajikistan Free?

The healthcare system in Tajikistan is no longer free. Those working in the country are expected to contribute to a common fund that helps make public healthcare accessible at subsidized costs for them as well as those who cannot afford treatment at all.

It is vital to visit your doctor in your native country at least a month before traveling to Tajikistan. The CDC has more information on vaccination expats should consider before departure.

Finding a Suitable Hospital in Tajikistan

Most expats prefer seeking treatment at private hospitals in the country due to their advanced infrastructure and equipment. But undergoing treatment at these facilities can be a costly affair. Hence, keep your options open to visiting public hospitals, primarily when they are located close to you and have vastly experienced doctors. We strongly recommend that you buy an international health insurance plan that helps you get the best possible treatment at affordable prices.

Top-Ranked Private Hospitals in Tajikistan:

International Ibn Sina Clinic

Street Foteh Niyozi 34, Dushanbe

+992 44 640 0102

Aga Khan Health Service

84, Dushanbe

+992 372 37 1872

Prospekt Medical Clinic

33, Sanoi Street, Dushanbe

+992 48 702 4400

Nurafzo Diagnostic Centre

59 I. Somoni Ave. Dushanbe

+992 44 620 3355

Ananda SPA and Vendanta Medical Centre


+992 98 913 2469


Overall, healthcare in Tajikistan is still in progress. Hence, expats, global citizens, and digital nomads traveling to this country must consider buying international health insurance. Currently, Cigna Global offers the best services in the country. You can go through the plans they offer and figure out how those could fit into your needs before buying one for yourself. You may also want to check whether your policy covers emergency evacuation and emergency treatments in other countries. For more information, get in touch with Expat Financial today.

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