Choosing the Best International Health Insurance Provider For You

If you are moving abroad, it is critical for you to choose the best international health insurance provider based on your requirements and budget. Whether you are planning to live overseas for work, travel or retirement, choosing the best international health insurance company should be a top priority for individual expatriates, including those already living overseas.

You may already have an existing policy with an insurance company that you are not satisfied with because of the service, premiums or coverage that is simply not meeting your needs. Premiums and coverage will vary widely among different insurance companies, and comparing them can be a difficult task, but we at Expat Financial are here to provide you with a shortlist of some of the many global health insurers that we work with, as well as some resources to assist you in deciding on best international health insurance company that works for you.

Resources to Help You Choose the Best International Health Insurance Company For You

There are a variety of resources online that can assist you in choosing the right plan and insurance company, but here are just a few web pages that may assist you:

A-List of the Best Global Health Insurance Providers for Expatriates

Note that all insurance providers have strengths and weaknesses and none of them are perfect. You might be happy with one plan or provider while another may experience problems. It makes sense to talk to a specialist expat insurance specialist like Expat Financial and check out the individual plans that we offer online. Here are 5 excellent international insurance providers that expats should consider:

  • Cigna International is perhaps the best international insurance plan provider for expatriates living overseas. Our firm uses Cigna for both individual and group expat health plans and we have become a priority broker for Cigna, which means faster underwriting, better service and an independent advocate for our Cigna clients. Cigna offers three main plans to expats – Silver, Gold and Platinum – with the ability to add out-patient care, wellness, evacuation and dental coverage. You can even expand your coverage to include treatment in the USA! Cigna Global provides excellent service and coverage along with a large direct medical network. It is the name to trust when it comes to international health insurance providers. We have offered their plans for many years and you can get a quote and purchase online with the same coverage and rates, but with our added support and advocacy. We strongly recommend you get a quote online today.
  • MSH International is another great international health insurance provider with excellent health plan options for expats. This Canadian and French global health provider offers personal service and support along with a very good network.
  • International Medical Group is a capable provider of international health coverage and travel insurance that we have also worked with for many years. IMG offers several plans to expatriates and even some local nationals in select countries. This company is based in Indianapolis, USA and has been in the global medical market for many years. Their plans are underwritten by Sirius International.
  • Allianz is a very large global insurance company that we have offered to expatriates for many years. It is a well-known and capable insurer with many billions in assets. We offer their global health coverage online.
  • GeoBlue is an American-based expat insurance provider based in the USA which we recommend to American expatriates. GeoBlue is owned by BUPA and offers a very wide medical network, especially in the United States.

The above is a partial list of the international health insurance firms that we work with. Each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages, so it makes sense to contact us to discuss your unique requirements. We can recommend a provider that would best suit you, and you can then obtain the coverage either online or offline.

We’ve worked with expats around most of the world and can even offer international mobility plans that can include global healthcare, dental, evacuation and life coverage for expat groups.