Healthcare in Venezula

Venezuela Healthcare System Information for Expats

Venezuela continues to be a preferred place to settle for many expats from all corners of the world. The weather here is pleasant, the people humble, and the way of life like none other. It’s often advised to prefer living in the country’s major cities and not the remote locations, since the latter may not be safe to stay due to a high crime rate. To ensure a safe lifestyle choose healthcare for expats in Venezuela, you must go for a good private health insurance plan in Venezuela to get access to the country’s best facilities and beyond.

Overview of Healthcare in Venezuela

The public healthcare system in Venezuela is accessible by everyone, locals and expatriates alike. However, due to the turn of events over the past few years, the system is in very bad shape. Expats who can afford it must preferably look towards private healthcare since its standard is much higher and is accessible through many reputed private hospitals in Caracas.

At the same time, medical treatment can be very expensive if you require private medical assistance in Venezuela, which is why it’s always a great idea to get a comprehensive health insurance package. It’s also necessary to buy a good health insurance plan since that not only keeps your family covered but also reduces wait time, widens the scope of access to healthcare facilities, and facilitates help for dealing with emergencies.

Key Medical Information for Expats in Venezuela:

  • Public medical facilities are under stress because of the economic and political crisis in the country
  • There are severe medical supplies shortages across Venezuela.
  • Equipment in most public health care facilities can outdated and not well maintained
  • Health care operations outside of urban centers are very limited
  • Serious illness or emergency will require medical evacuation out of the country
  • Equipment standards can vary with higher quality. Again, better equipment can often be found at private clinics
  • Staff training levels can vary greatly with adequately trained staff in private facilities in major cities. Staff elsewhere may have limited training and facilities may be understaffed.
  • Hygiene standards can vary greatly but are mostly good in private clinics. This is often not the case outside of the major cities
  • Expats should not trust blood transfusions

How the Venezuela Healthcare System Works for Expats

It’s certainly not a good idea to solely rely on the public healthcare system of this country. Instead, you can buy international health coverage plans that provide private medical care and also give access to several hospitals outside Venezuela. Many expats prefer to seek healthcare outside of the country and you can be one of them. You can fall sick due to the outbreak of measles and malaria across the country, so be sure to be fully protected and vaccinated. It should be noted that due to the political and economic difficulties in the country, the health system in Venezuela is a shambles. If you are an expat living in Venezuela, you should definitely not rely on the health system there as there are shortages of medicine and basic health supplies – so you will probably have to seek medical treatment in Colombia or the USA. It’s also advised to stay up-to-date with sufficient supplies of all necessary medications. Click on this CDC link to get more health-related information about Venezuela (note that this link opens in a new tab).

Best Private International Medical Insurance for Expats in Venezuela

Choosing private international health insurance enables you to have access to various benefits apart from those that you generally can avail in the country. These plans are usually valid globally, which means that you can seek insurance coverage all across the globe – some plans will exclude coverage for the USA. Most global health plans also enable you to enjoy a wide range of healthcare services from specialists or general physicians. As an expat in Venezuela, you can choose the Cigna Global international health plan which is a reputed global insurer and offers impeccable service and assistance. You should definitely obtain evacuation coverage if you live in Venezuela as you most likely can’t receive adequate medical care there.

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