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Learn About the Healthcare System and Insurance Options in Kuwait

The State of Kuwait is quite popular among the expat community from around the world. According to a 2016 survey, the country recorded a population of 4.5 million, out of which about 3.2 million are global expatriates. The country is well known for its oil reserves. Recently, it has been topping the charts as a fantastic tourist destination. Similarly, it is a stomping ground for migrant animals and birds. Kuwait is also home to a range of scenic beaches and many more attractions.

Kuwait is also one of the few countries in the world with a thriving economy. Money from the state exchequer is often reinvested into the country’s infrastructure, education, and healthcare systems. Expats, in general, opt for private hospitals in Kuwait, which can be quite costly. Hence, it is necessary to obtain international health insurance for themselves as well as for their families. It will provide security against all unexpected medical expenses in a foreign country. For more information about healthcare services in Kuwait, click here.

Overview of Healthcare in Kuwait

Kuwait’s healthcare system has a reputation of being the best of its kind in the entire Gulf region. The country has five separate administrative areas, and each of these has a general public hospital with 24-hour emergency services. There are several specialist hospitals, too, in each of these regions. Most hospitals across Kuwait don’t have a long waiting period.

Kuwait’s booming economy has helped the country maintain exceptional healthcare standards over the years. Many of the hospitals across the country are equivalent, if not better, than most modern hospitals in the world. Several internationally-trained doctors work at these hospitals, which is why no one faces communication issues here. However, better facilities also mean expats are shelling out more money. To avoid financial strain, we recommend expats to obtain an international insurance plan. It will take care of medical expenses during an emergency.

How the Kuwaiti Healthcare System Works for Expats

Healthcare services offered at Kuwait’s public hospitals are available for free to all the citizens of the country. Expats have to pay up a certain annual fee to obtain the same standard of medical assistance in the country. However, you would have to pay a separate fee for specialized tests such as X-ray. With the recent uptick of expatriates in Kuwait, many people have concerns about long waiting periods in hospitals.

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Public Healthcare in Kuwait

Expats can access public healthcare facilities in Kuwait, just like the natives, by paying a certain annual fee. However, they may have to wait in queues now and then at a few of these hospitals. Most of the natives prefer only to seek medical aid through the free public healthcare system. On the other hand, expats need to get themselves a medical card in Kuwait before they can access healthcare services here. They can get one by producing their civil ID card while registering with a nearby hospital or clinic.

Private Healthcare in Kuwait

Private healthcare in Kuwait has even better facilities. It is known to be one of the best in the world. Private hospitals in the country offer better medical assistance with minimal or no waiting time. Also, unlike the public system, at private hospitals, there are no restrictions on expats to avail of the optimum treatment, making the Kuwait healthcare system beneficial for digital nomads. Their fee is usually on the higher end despite government regulations, but expats who have a comprehensive international health insurance plan shouldn’t have to worry much.

Emergency Services in Kuwait

You may seek Kuwait’s emergency medical services by dialing 112. But it only applies to those critically ill. Everyone else will have to take their transport or a taxi to reach the hospital.

Pharmacies in Kuwait

There are adequate pharmacies available in every administrative region of Kuwait. Even many private hospitals and clinics have pharmacies of their own. Under guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, the cost of every medicine is more or less the same at all pharmacies. Even supermarkets sell few non-prescriptions drugs.

Best Private International Medical Insurance for Expats Living in Kuwait

The country has everything that an expat can expect, especially the Kuwait healthcare system. However, foreigners can easily fall sick over here too because of dust and heat due to proximity to adjoining desert areas. Medical expenses can vary, depending upon the kind of hospital one visits and treatment one seeks. This bill may even become too costly at times, which is why it’s a good idea to procure an all-inclusive international health insurance plan that covers all such expenses. The most popular companies that expats can consider for an optimum insurance cover include Cigna Global and Aetna International. You may compare the plans available in these two companies and a few others before choosing the best insurance partner for yourself.

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