Aruba healthcare system

Learn About the Healthcare System and Medical Insurance Options for Expats in Aruba

Fresh winds and warm turquoise sea, Aruba is famous for its white sandy beaches. With countless natural wonders to explore, Aruba is a beautiful island where you can disconnect from the world and discover your self. In Aruba, more than 90 nationalities from over 130 countries live in harmony. Here’s what you need to know about the Aruba healthcare system and insurance options for expats.

Though many North Americans study at the Caribbean medical schools, the Caribbean region does not have outstanding medical and healthcare facilities. Despite that, Aruba has one of the best healthcare systems in the Caribbean. In case the island’s medical facilities do not cover severe medical issues, the concerned patient can be airlifted for standard medical care. But the medical expenses of airlifting a patient are costly. Therefore, Aruban residents, expats, and digital nomads go for international health insurance, which is both cost-effective and comprehensive.

The CDC has more information on the vaccinations and medicines you can familiarize yourself with before traveling to Aruba.

Overview of Healthcare

Despite having one of the most notable healthcare systems in the Caribbean, Aruba, unfortunately, records one of the highest cases of diabetes across the globe. Due to the popular tourism industry, Arubans have access to convenience foods and supermarkets. Although fresh and healthy food is available, the local Aruban cuisine consists of deep-fried dishes, which leads to diabetes and obesity.

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How the Aruban Healthcare System Works for Expats?

If you are an expat in Aruba, you can rest assured that in case of medical emergencies, sudden illness, or an accident, you are in safe hands. Aruba has four medical centers spread across the island: Dr. Horacio Oduber Hospital in Oranjestad, the Centro Medico Rudy Engelbrecht in San Nicolas, the MedCare Clinic in Noord, and the private Urgent Care Clinic in Noord. If a patient cannot be treated in Aruba or there is a medical emergency, they are airlifted by an air ambulance. Therefore, most Aruban expats and digital nomads prefer personal health insurance plans to cover all the expenses during an emergency.

Public Healthcare

The public healthcare system of Aruba covers both mental and physical health services. The multiple healthcare departments in Aruba consist of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Youth Dental Care, Pharmaceutical Affairs, Labor Health Service, and Ambulance Service. Plus, there is a Medical Center in San Nicolas for emergency and outpatient care. The health insurance system of the country offers universal coverage through service providers in three levels. At the primary level of care, family doctors are the most sought after. Patients are usually referred to Dr. Horacio Oduber General Hospital, which has a 79% occupancy rate and 288 beds. The public health laboratories in Aruba have the latest analytical instruments for laboratory specialists and bio-analysts.

Private Healthcare

Most private clinics in Aruba offer immediate medical assistance. Private clinics can treat ailments such as eye, ear, and nose infections, pulmonary complaints, or renal, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal issues. The primary language spoken in the hospitals here is Dutch. Other languages spoken are Spanish, German, and French.

Emergency Medical Services

If you face a medical emergency is Aruba, you must immediately call 911. Most hotels in Aruba have a general medical practitioner. The Emergency Departments have skilled physicians who are available 24/7. Wheelchairs are also available in such hospitals.

Medicines and Pharmacies

Most pharmacies are operational during the usual working hours. On Sundays, late evenings, and holidays, pharmacies remain closed. Pharmacies in Aruba are well stocked with a variety of medicines. However, if a specific medication is not available, there are skilled and experienced pharmacists who can recommend alternative drugs. There are also essential medical equipment suppliers in Aruba.

Best Private International Medical Insurance Plans for Expats in Aruba

Expats, who wish to shift base to Aruba, can go for a comprehensive international health insurance policy that covers all expenses in the country’s private hospitals, as well as evacuation to a better facility in another country in case of a medical emergency. Out of all the insurance plans available for expats moving to the country, Cigna Global and Allianz International are generally accepted by all healthcare institutions in Aruba. Compare the plans and quotes you receive from these top insurance companies before choosing the right one for you.

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