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Healthcare Solutions & Information for Expatriates Living in Poland

Do you fancy moving to Poland and leading the life of an expat? The people living in this beautiful European country are a mix of several cultures spread out all across the country. You could explore the varied culture in a few of Poland’s port cities of Gdansk, Gdynia, Szczecin, and more. Get some more information on healthcare system Information Poland. There is no shortage of activities as well that you can indulge in while exploring this majestic country.

Poland’s healthcare system is a perfect blend of the public and private healthcare systems. If you are living in major cities within the country you can expect optimum healthcare services all day long. The doctors in Poland are some of the best you can find in the whole of Europe. Moreover, healthcare facilities come completely free in Poland for the elderly, children, pregnant women, and the disabled. Being an expat in a foreign country, you must buy a comprehensive international health insurance plan that can cover you for all kinds of unplanned medical expenses.

Overview of Healthcare in Poland

The Polish Ministry of Health is responsible for keeping a check on the state-financed National Health Fund called Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia (NFZ), which funds the national healthcare system. It is mandatory for all the citizens and residents of Poland to have state care cover. The monthly contribution towards it is automatically deducted from the salaries of the working people, while those running a business are required to make a payment directly with the NFZ.

How the Polish Healthcare System Works for Expats

Expats living or working in Poland have to get themselves a personal identification number (or PESEL) before they can officially apply for public health insurance. After their application has been approved, they and their dependent family members receive medical insurance cards that then entitle them to avail health services in the country, just like a citizen of Poland.

Not only that, even the people from the European Union who have a European Health Insurance Card (or EHIC) can obtain free public healthcare services in Poland. Some of the most commonly used services include outpatient care, primary care, hospital treatment, dental treatment, etc…

Public Healthcare in Poland

living or working in PolandPoland’s public healthcare system, NFZ, is publicly-funded and is available for free or at subsidized costs to everyone living or working in the country. The NFZ system also extends optimum medical support to expats living in Poland. The only condition that expats need to satisfy is that they should fall into the category of “insured”, which means that their employer, who is a resident of the country, should have obtained health insurance on their behalf.

One of the major benefits of utilizing the public healthcare system in Poland is that many hospitals under it offer treatment plans that are not available in any of the private facilities across the country. At times expats may come across Polish-speaking hospital staff, which is why they are recommended to learn a few Polish words to enable them to have a seamless experience.

Private Healthcare in Poland

Private hospitals in Poland are equipped with better medical equipment than public hospitals. Moreover, there are no long queues of people waiting their turn. Everyone working in these hospitals can speak proper English, so the language barrier is not much of a problem. As compared to many other countries, the private healthcare system in Poland is affordable. Despite it being reasonable, many expats opt for international health insurance plans that cover most of their medical expenses.

Emergency Services in Poland

Expats can request emergency services by dialing 112. There are alternative numbers available as well for availing emergency services in Poland. These include:

  • Police: 997
  • Fire Division: 998
  • Ambulance: 999

Pharmacies in Poland

There are many pharmacies based all across Poland. Many of them, especially those based in major cities function round the clock. There is a wide selection of over-the-counter medicines in Poland; however, most of them cost more than in other European nations. Moreover, those who suffer from asthma, heart diseases, diabetes, depression, etc., may have to partially fund their medication from their pocket.

Best Private International Medical Insurance for Expats Living in Poland

Expats are always recommended to buy themselves an international health insurance plan before moving to a new country. This helps keep them and their families secure from any unplanned medical expenses in a foreign country. Besides that, these plans also become a sort of identity for them and help them lead their lives peacefully in their new country. Expats can compare the plans offered by different companies before choosing the best plan for themselves.

For expats planning a move to Poland, the most popular plans are the ones offered by leading international health insurance companies like Allianz International and Cigna. Many of their plans are customizable and can offer optimum support in the time of need.