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Just like many other Central Asian countries, there’s so much you can experience in and explore across the beautiful country of Kazakhstan. Of late, the country has also been attracting a lot of tourists from all around the world. The country’s healthcare system went downhill after the Soviet Union collapsed. However, in recent years, Kazakhstan has been making steady progress in the healthcare sector and is already looking forward to attracting investments from Russia, China, and other neighboring countries. Here’s the information on hospitals in Kazakhstan.

As an expat or global nomad, we strongly advise you to obtain a comprehensive health insurance plan that covers all your health-related costs while you continue enjoying your journey to the fullest. The CDC also has detailed information on the vaccinations you should get before traveling to the country.

Do Doctors Speak English in Kazakhstan?

You can find the best hospitals and clinics in only a few major cities in Kazakhstan. The level of healthcare in other cities and remote areas isn’t up to the mark, and finding someone who can speak English, if at all, is rare. On the other hand, doctors working in private hospitals and facilities are relatively fluent in English. However, finding them can be quite a task. You may contact an insurance company to recommend an English-speaking specialist. You may also contact the US Embassy in Kazakhstan that maintains a list of English-speaking doctors in the country.

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Finding the Right Doctor at a Hospital in Kazakhstan

The most accurate source of this information is the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. You can use the embassy’s data as well as check out some online reviews to choose the most credible doctor to tend to your specific medical condition. Alternatively, you can also seek some recommendations from the staff of the hotel you are staying in. If you are in a major city, getting proper treatment shouldn’t be a problem. However, you may struggle to communicate due to the language barrier in other smaller towns. Despite that, you can expect professional treatment from the doctors.

Types of Hospitals in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan’s healthcare system used to be robust during the Soviet era. Since declaring its independence, the government of Kazakhstan has been making efforts to improve the quality of the country’s healthcare services. The overall standard of the hospitals at this point leaves a lot to be desired. Moreover, 70% of the hospitals in the country are currently managed by the Ministry of Health.

Difference between Public and Private Hospitals in Kazakhstan

Expats residing legally in Kazakhstan can access the country’s public healthcare system. However, the quality of treatment can vary depending upon the hospital’s location, the expertise of the staff, and the availability of proper medical supplies. Expats are also advised to bring along someone who knows both English and the native language to help with translation as needed.

Private hospitals in the country are better equipped than public hospitals, although not all of them may have English-speaking staff. Doctors at these facilities can provide treatment for most of the ailments. For most critical conditions, though, it’s advised that the concerned patients seek air evacuation to hospitals in other countries that have better infrastructure and facilities. Expats are advised to opt for an international health insurance plan that can cover all such unplanned costs.

Is Medical Care in Kazakhstan Free

Currently, medical care services are not free in the country but are expected to become free in due course of time.

Recently, Kazakhstan implemented a new law that makes it compulsory for all employers and employees in the country to make mandatory monthly deductions and contributions. This law is aimed at improving the quality of public healthcare in the country and making healthcare services free for all residents of the country.

How Much Does a Hospital Visit Cost in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has been making efforts to project itself as a preferred medical tourism destination in the years to come. For that, the country has introduced significant reforms in its healthcare policies. These reforms have also made obtaining treatment for several critical conditions a lot cheaper in Kazakhstan. For instance, bone marrow transplants cost about $51,000, which is close to half of its cost in Russia. Similarly, liver transplants that cost $20,000 in Kazakhstan cost almost double that amount in Turkey. Kazakhstan also aims to promote its traditional cures by way of medical tourism.

Finding a Suitable Hospital in Kazakhstan

Expats can always opt for public hospitals to seek highly subsidized treatment. However, public hospitals have an average quality of care, as compared to private hospitals in Kazakhstan. Therefore, most expats go for private hospitals and facilities that employ English-speaking staff and have better equipment and infrastructure. The charges can vary based upon the kind of treatment sought, and at times air evacuation may also become necessary due to a medical complication. Expats can ensure that they don’t have to struggle with such unplanned expenses by buying a comprehensive international health insurance policy from a reputed insurance company. Top plans include Cigna and Allianz.

Top-Ranked Private Hospitals in Kazakhstan

Almaty City Central Clinic Hospital

Zhandosova Street 6, corner with Manasa str., Almaty

Phone: +7 727 2749716

Astana City Hospital No 1

Koshkarbayev Street, 66, Astana

Phone: +7 7172 23 16 01

Central Clinical Hospital of President Medical Center

Panfilova Street 139, Almaty

Phone: +7 727 261 04 50

Center of Israeli Medicine

Markova Street 71, Almaty

Phone: +7 727 250 60 50

International SOS Clinic

62A Kosmonavtov Street, 5th Floor, Astana

Phone: +7 (7172) 476 911

International SOS Clinic

Luganskovo Street, 11, Almaty

Phone: +7 727 2581 911

International SOS Clinic

Microdistrict 26, Building #17/1, Issatay Business Center, Aktau

Phone: +7 7292 418 661

Interteach Clinic

Furmanova Street 275, Almaty

Phone: + 7 727 3 200 200

Interteach Clinic

Kabanbay Batyr Street, 7, Left Shore, Astana

Phone: +7 701 026 94 54

Karaganda Regional Hospital

Corner of St. Erubaeva, 15, and the Boulevard of Peace, 10, Karaganda

Phone: +77 212 42-60-45

The Mother and Child Hospital

Syganak Street, 2, Astana

Phone: +7 7172 70 14 14


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