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6 Global Healthcare Tips for Retired Expats

Retiring abroad is a decision that many people will choose to make later in life. There are many attractive options for those considering a move abroad for their retirement. Go through some global healthcare tips they will help expats in keeping themselves healthy.

6 global healthcare tips you can use as a retired expat

With so many great options to choose from, including Europe, South America, Asia, and much more, the possibilities are endless. Many people will choose to do it later on in life, once they reach retirement age.

There will be many things you will need to consider as you are weighing up your retirement options. Remember to keep in mind your healthcare needs as this can be very important.

1- Research your options

The first point to remember is to do your research on which health insurance plan is right for you. Yes, expat health insurance can be a bit confusing and there are lots of insurance terms, “mumbo jumbo”, but with Covid and all the other risks at play, future and current retired expatriates know that international health insurance coverage is vital.

Due to your retirement age, you will need a comprehensive health insurance plan that will cover any potential complex and demanding health requirements. You’ll also need a plan that will cover you back in your home country, should you be someone who travels back and forth regularly.

Be sure to check for what is included in an expat retired health plan. You will want to check that the following is included:

2- Decide on any additional coverage options

Everyone who decides to retire abroad will do so for different reasons. You will also have unique health insurance needs.

Many global insurance plans also offer additional benefits to your plan. There are lots of things that can be included here, including vision coverage, dental treatment, and more.

Some international health insurance companies will also offer you additional benefits.

These extra benefits can often include:

• Vision care
Dental care
Repatriation plan
Maternity plan

If you need any of these benefits, you can select to add them to your plan. Take your time to decide whether or not any of these additional options will benefit you. Note that you should also consider a plan that covers telehealth, which is where you can talk to a doctor virtually for minor conditions where you don’t have to see a local doctor – especially important during the pandemic.

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3- Check what your health insurance plan will cover

Typically, your international health insurance plan will include:

• Access to 24-hour emergency support
• Freedom to decide which hospital or medical facility you visit
• Emergency evacuation support
Prescription benefits

It won’t be the case with every insurer but some insurers will allow you to receive access to a 24-hour emergency assistance hotline. You may also be given access to emergency evacuation services for added protection.

The price you pay for your insurance will depend on a number of factors, including age, medical history, and the country you are moving to. The price will also vary depending on if you are looking for individual coverage or cover for yourself and your family.

4- You will need to check on pre-existing medical conditions

Remember that some health insurers will allow you to be covered for pre-existing medical conditions, however, not of all they will. Most plans will exclude pre-existing conditions. You will need to check this when you are doing your research into which plan to buy.

With an expat health insurance plan, you will receive the freedom to choose where in the world you wish to receive your healthcare treatment. you’ll get your choice of hospital and/or medical facility.

Most major health insurers can give you access to a large network. This means you can access quality medical care no matter where you are living.

This can also be especially helpful for anyone who travels a lot. For example, if you do a lot of traveling back to your home country, you will still be covered here as well as in the new country that you have moved to. You might also be given the option to select coverage including or excluding the USA.

5- Having health insurance can be very helpful

Remember that having health insurance can be helpful. Be sure to think of the insurance considerations that need to be taken into account for your move abroad. Especially in the case of an emergency or encounter health problems.

Remember that they may ask you to provide your previous medical history. This means that they might not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Examples of these can include things such as diabetes, asthma, or heart disease.

A full breakdown of what is covered in your global health insurance plan will be provided by your health insurer. This will be provided in advance of your purchase.

6- You will be covered for emergency support

An emergency could happen at any time and you certainly wouldn’t want it to happen to you in an unfamiliar country. If you don’t buy international health insurance and you end up facing a medical emergency abroad, you may be left paying out of pocket.

But with an international health insurance plan, you’ll be treated as a private patient and will be covered by your policy. That’s great news so you won’t need to worry about the financial costs involved in any medical treatment that you receive.

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