how traveling makes you a better entrepreneur

5 Ways Traveling Makes You A Better Entrepreneur

Here’s How Traveling Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

Ever wondered how traveling makes you a better entrepreneur? Early mornings, late nights, and many cups of coffee in between, there seems to be no time for an adventure. Entrepreneurs are always hustling to reach their goals. As an innovator, you have to show up to work every day no matter how you’re feeling. The sense of freedom that comes from doing what you love is what makes you enjoy the daily grind. But racking up unused paid time should not be glorified. Burying your head in work all the time will only harm productivity-not just yours but also your teams’. Most successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common-they travel.

Traveling increases productivity and boosts your confidence. Even taking a short journey will give you new perspectives for personal growth and business. Here’s how traveling can make you a better entrepreneur.

how traveling makes you a better entrepreneur

Sparks innovation

When you’re an entrepreneur, it is essential to follow your heart and be mindful of how you’re feeling. When you’re feeling restless, go for rock climbing, take scuba diving lessons, or just hit the beach. Similarly, different countries will teach you different experiences. Immersing yourself in new cultures will help you understand the shortcoming of our own culture. So when it comes to your business, you’re able to spot outdated business practices and come up with a better workflow. It will help increase productivity for your entire team.

how traveling makes you a better entrepreneur

Keeps you on your feet

Traveling presents many challenges, from lost or overweight luggage, currency fluctuations, to language barriers. Going through these challenges helps you think on your feet. When you solve those problems, it gives you the insight to solve your business problems. Another tip is to write down the inconveniences and inspirations during your travel. Even writing down the many challenges you have faced and how you solved them will boost your confidence. Imagine solving ten big problems in a day!

Similarly, during your travels, get familiar with the local business landscape. Decipher the international laws, tax regulations, and corporate customs. Through this, you may figure out that becoming a digital nomad in Mexico and moving your business there cuts significant costs. It’s a win-win situation!


When we’re traveling, we learn to become resourceful. We learn to make most out of our constraints. One minute it’s warm, then it’s cold, or your shoes are getting wet. We have to adapt to certain kinds of food in a new country and try new things. Traveling brings us out of our comfort zone.

Similarly, being an entrepreneur requires one to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the industry. The experience we gain by traveling helps us handle uncertainty and, in return, builds resiliency. And that is an indispensable entrepreneurial spirit.


Builds communication

Another reason how traveling can make you a better entrepreneur is through navigating language barriers. When you’re in a foreign land, you’re trying to decode symbols and words. Suddenly, you are intently listening to locals giving you directions. You’re observing their body language so you can piece the clues together to get to your destination.

Similarly, in the business world, communication is the base for team building and networking. You start listening to your audience and market. You even start asking the right questions to help solve your business problems.


Management Skills

Traveling requires discipline, from planning routes, money, time, number of days spent in a country, and itinerary. If you’re on a shoestring budget, or you’re short on funds, it teaches you to manage your resources and even prompt you to draw a contingency plan. It enables you to apply the same skills in your work. Traveling also pushes you to pick a direction. Along the way, you have to make critical decisions in your travel. In parallel, these skills will help you lead your team instead of managing them. As a result, it will inspire your team to go beyond the call of duty.

In conclusion, traveling avoids burnouts. As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to give importance to mental health and keep the momentum going. To ensure you have a safe and soul-nourishing adventure, it is vital that you make sure you obtain adequate travel medical insurance while traveling outside your country of residence. We offer several plans for most nationalities and group business travel plans as well. If you are going to live abroad for a year or more, consider opting for international health insurance. We know entrepreneurs are risk-takers, but when it comes to health, it makes sense to have an insurance provider cover you abroad.