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4 Investment Tips Every Expat Should Know

Managing your investments while living as an expat in another country or even continent can be a riddle to some. Dealing with an investment portfolio is never an easy task. If you add to the mix the distance of hundreds or thousands of kilometres, management could become confusing and complicated. In this blog article written by Jason Swan of Holborn Assets, he will share four expat investment tips for expat to make your life a bit easier and reduce stress.

Investment tips for expats

Nevertheless, there are ways to manage your portfolio in a way that would be profitable for you even if you live far away from your country of origin. All that is required is thorough research and good preparation, which you can do yourself or with the help of a qualified financial adviser.

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Know your tax status

Taxes never bring smiles. On the contrary, declaring your income equals loss of funds that you could use elsewhere. Things could get worse if you make a mistake when you file your tax return. This is the reason why we suggest asking the help of an experienced financial adviser that would surely save you some money. Expat tax is a complex area and you should talk to an expat tax advisor.

Being an expat makes things more difficult as you should know details about taxation in every country that you hold investments. In some countries, you are required to declare your worldwide income; in others, this is not needed. However, failure to comply with each country’s tax rules means that there will be penalties which are surely something you want to avoid. Things become easier if you have an experienced and qualified financial adviser by your side to give you the right information.

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What about investing in property

One of the more profitable and stable investments for many years is property. Brick and mortar investments are always considered one of the pillars of a well-planned portfolio. Even the riskiest investors tend to have a part of their funds invested in real estate to act as a safeguard in case of market fluctuations.

Property is an ideal investment for most expats. It is resilient even during a financial crisis plus it doesn’t need constant monitoring as other types of investments. It can also be easily repurposed whether you want to rent it or live in it. With interest rates at an all-time low, this could be the moment to add an asset such as this to your portfolio.

Pay attention to exchange rates

Exchange rates may work in favor but also against your financial plans. Unfortunately, many expats don’t realize the importance of exchange rates and how they affect their budgets. As expats sometimes get paid in US dollars, British pounds, or euros, they tend to forget that local currencies may strengthen or weaken depending on the market conditions.

Another factor that should be considered is the cost of currency conversion which can be high if expats do not monitor rates and charges of the service they use. Living abroad means that expats often convert a part of their funds to other currencies, so finding the right provider is quite important.

Consult an independent financial adviser

The financial world is rapidly changing so today’s opportunities might be tomorrow’s money pits. Even though it is very easy to get access to financial information via the internet and other sources, the ability to filter it and use it in a constructive way is the difficult part of building a solid financial plan. Working abroad and not in your home country means that you face more obstacles as there could be different rules and regulations that could weigh in on your financial plans.

The best way to reduce risks is to consult a financial adviser. You will have to find who has the necessary qualifications and experience to help an expat. This might not be an easy task, but once you get in touch with the financial adviser of choice, things will become easier as you will be receiving accurate and qualified advice. Expats should know that there are professionals with many years of experience who can design solid investment plans according to your budget and goals.

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Notice: This article was written by Jason Swan from Holborn Assets. Please note that Expat Financial and its parent is not providing investment advice of any kind and we are only referring expatriates to Holborn as an added service. We recommend you also talk to your expat tax and legal advisor to confirm your decisions before making any decisions. Note that Holborn is not able to assist certain citizenships.