why south america is a major attraction for digital nomads

Why South America Is A Major Attraction for Digital Nomads

5 Reasons Why South America is a Major Attraction for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads are people who travel to different cities around the world while working remotely. You can find digital nomads plugged into their computers at coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, and even recreational vehicles. They take up tasks suited to their skills to fund their travels. While this kind of working-on-the-go trend was inconceivable a decade ago, digital nomads today have the choice to pursue unconventional career paths.

According to the MBO Partners State of Independence, in 2018 alone, 4.8 million Americans categorize themselves as ‘digital nomads’. However, there’s an uptick of global nomads in South America. Places like Buenos Aires and Córdoba in Argentina, Arequipa in Peru and Cuenca in Ecuador are flocking with these tech-savvy travelers. So, what makes South America so conducive for a digitally nomadic lifestyle? Here are five key factors:


Most parts of Argentina experience temperate climate, while a small part of northern Argentina falls under the tropical zone. The temperate climate throughout the country makes it pleasant round the year, encouraging more and more people to come to this part of the world. Expats will find the climate in most of South America quite attractive.


Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city melting with culture – a great place for digital nomads in South America. There are several art galleries and theatrical shows held in many parts of the city. In Latin America, many cities have European-styled architectural landmarks and a plethora of cafés. Such a culture of cafés only encourages digital nomads to carry their laptops along and start working while living at the heart of a thriving community enjoying delicious Argentinian cuisines like empanadas, all kinds of pasta, Asado, and dulce de leche among others.

Cost of Living

South American cities are affordable to live in for most people. The food is also very reasonable. Whatever amount digital nomads save on food, they may have to pay more as internet charges. However, co-working spaces are an alternative solution with uninterrupted internet access to nomads.


Most Latin American cities have well-managed traffic and orderly plying of vehicles. Locals and tourists take advantage of the efficient public transport. The subway network, licensed taxis, buses, hop-on/hop-off, and free public bike share schemes enable nomads to move around freely. Note that you should use your common sense precautions when you use taxis and transit in South America.

Fluent English Speakers

Buenos Aires is a multicultural city. It has attracted immigrants from all across the globe for the last 150 years. While the number of original English speakers is limited, the city has foreigners from all parts of the world who can communicate in English.

Plan Your Move

Before moving to South America, it is important to plan ahead. Do your research before picking out your favorite destination. Visiting your chosen destination and spending a week will help you understand its culture and your needs. It is also important to ensure you are fully covered before traveling to South America. Healthcare in South America is usually affordable, but getting international health insurance plan from a reputed company is the best option. This will ensure you are protected in case of a medical emergency, but also for out-patient medical care, wellness, vision, dental and much more. It often makes sense to discuss your requirements for global healthcare before you purchase online – please contact us to review your needs.