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Expat Financial has become a leader in sourcing international insurance plans for individual expatriates and expat employers around much of the world. We have made it easy for expatriates to get the right international insurance plan to meet their budget and requirements. Expat Financial is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd.

There are lots of insurance brokers out there, but almost none specialize in sourcing international insurance and even fewer have the experience, knowledge and global insurance sources that are required by today’s globally mobile expats. Individual expats and expatriate employers can benefit from our services for the life of their policy.

    • Expert in global insurance coverage
    • Independent and impartial advice
    • Experience
    • Advocacy
    • Excellent service and support
    • Access to the global insurance market


Expat Financial has experienced staff with a wealth of international insurance experience. We are relied upon by individual expatriates, multinationals, and NGOs around the world to examine their global insurance requirements. Our corporate clients come from a variety of sectors. Learn about from this video:

Independent and Impartial Advice

At Expat Financial, we put our clients ahead of the insurers we work with and offer our clients independent and impartial advice. Our clients are able to purchase policies from our insurance suppliers without fees as our firm is compensated by the insurance provider you choose. Our focus is on sourcing international insurance for individual expats and employers. Our staff is well trained, experienced and used to working with clients around the world. Our firm is your advocate both before and after you purchase a global policy for your expat assignment.


We have been working in the insurance industry since 1991 and have been working with expatriates, their employers and sourcing special risk coverage since 1999. Our rapid growth is a testament to our global reputation for integrity and service. Expat Financial is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., which works with clients around much of the world and is sought by large multinationals and individual expats. It has also been featured in numerous publications, including the NY Times.

Excellent Service & Support

Expat Financial, which is a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., provides fast, accurate and personal service to expatriates across the globe. We are available even beyond business hours and can help clients navigate the complex international insurance arena; including advocating on their behalf with insurance companies if an issue arises. We are also available at renewal and during the policy year to address questions and solve problems. Our clients span the globe and we are accustomed to working with clients from different regions, cultures and time zones.

Access to the Global Insurance Market

Most expatriates, expat employers and domestic-focused insurance brokers do not have the international insurance experience or global insurance contacts that have been established by our firm. Expat Financial has established strong relationships with global insurance companies and providers around the world. This has allowed our firm to source international insurance plans to meet the needs of today’s globally mobile workforce and population.

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