Expat Financial has developed relationships with different global medical insurance providers around the world over many years. We encourage you to contact us to obtain a customized quote based on your unique expat health insurance requirements. We can work with you to obtain an expat health policy that is both flexible to you needs and budget. For example, plans can be obtained which will cover  hazardous sports, US compliant policies, maternity, dental, vision and several other features. You can also obtain plans with small or large deductibles. We even have international health insurance plans which just cover in-patient care with the ability to add a module which also covers out-patient medical care. Most of the plans we offer include medical evacuation or you can add it as an optional benefit.

All the expat health plans we offer can cover you individually or as a family. Some of the expat health insurance plans will cover children up to age 9 at no charge. The plans can be renewed each year as the premiums are adjusted by the insurer based on the medical inflation and claims for their entire pool of business. We even have plans which can cover you in high risk regions of the world.


If you or your family member has a pre-existing medical condition, please contact one of our advisors to discuss the condition and which plan may be able to underwrite and possibly cover your chronic condition. You can view the different expatriate health plans we offer via our International Health Insurance page.