Expatriate International benefit Plan

Multinational corporations expatriate benefits plans

Expat Financial offers multinational corporations expatriate benefits plans for their international staff and local nationals when possible. We work with companies and organizations with a few as two employees to Fortune 500 companies. Multinational corporations have very unique needs when they manage their international employee populations. The need the flexibility to offer their global employees benefits similar to what is provided to their domestic-based employees. We can design a global benefit plan that closely matches your domestic benefit plans to provide a consistent level of insurance for your expat workforce.

Global benefit plans from Expat Financial

Expat Financial offers comprehensive, flexible and competitive global benefit plans from a variety of large, secure and respected international insurance companies from around the world. Our representative can work with you to identify your global insurance needs and then search the market and customize an international insurance plan to almost any specification depending on your employee makeup and demographics. The global insurance plans that we can source from very large and reputable insurance companies can offer the following benefits:

Our extensive experience with multinational companies and organizations gives us a very unique understanding of their budgetary and administrative needs and the special requirements of their teachers and dependents. The carriers we represent can offer excellent premiums and value added services such as online billing, direct payment to providers, 24/7 international service center and pre-trip planning and case management.

The policies we offer are not available from TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd. to citizens or companies currently residing in the USA.

To learn more about how our global brokerage services can make a difference in the lives of your for expatriate staff, please contact us today for a quote. As we are compensated by the carrier you choose, we do not charge a fee to the school for our services. If you already have a plan in place, we can serve as your broker of record and also canvass the market for quotes.

Feel free to email us your requirements and census data, including any relevant details on your existing policy.