Healthcare Difficulties for Expatriates in Brazil

There have been some stories in the media over the past few years about a healthcare crisis for locals and expats in Brazil. In the recent past, some local hospitals had to turn away many patients due to a lack of medical supplies. This is concerning for expatriates residing in Rio and other cities in Brazil. We will discuss the healthcare system in Brazil along with some recommendations for expats in Brazil to stay safe and healthy.

Health Crisis in Rio De Janeiro

According to Brazil’s health ministry, Brazil promised to hire 2,500 extra medical staff in the state of Rio de Janeiro in January 2016. This is because Brazil is suffering from a funding crisis that has left many hospitals understaffed due to which condition of healthcare crisis for locals and expats in Brazil raised. Many of the healthcare facilities are lacking essential medical equipment. Brazil’s healthcare problems are not limited to Rio de Janeiro. Indeed, due to the overall economic crisis in Brazil, the cost of maintaining the country’s satisfactory healthcare system has been a burden for the government. Many officials have concerned that local hospitals will not be able to provide desired medical care for travelers and expats entering Brazil before and after the Olympic ceremony.

Is Brazil safe for expats?

According to the World Health Organization updates, travelers to Brazil should consult the travel advice issued by their national authorities. A medical check-up should be scheduled at least 4 – 8 weeks before departure in order to allow enough time for vaccination completed. WHO suggests that expats going to Brazil should be vaccinated against diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, etc.

Since July 2015, Brazil has interrupted measles transmission. In 2016, Zika virus also makes Brazil a threat within the country and abroad. Without adequate healthcare infrastructure, Brazil is facing the biggest risk of spreading diseases. Furthermore, in February 2016, WTO advised pregnant women not to travel to Zika-affected areas – this includes Rio de Janeiro.

Health Advise For Travellers to Brazil

Based on the health risks assessed by Brazilian health authorities, the access to antimalarial drugs while in Brazil will be limited. Therefore, expats and travelers should purchase these drugs before departure. It is critical for expats and travelers entering Brazil to obtain international health insurance. An expatriate health insurance plan can let you select the hospital, doctor or other medical service providers that best suit your needs. The policy is flexible and world-wide. local medical plans do not provide medical coverage while expats are traveling out of the country or going back home. local medical plans in Brazil are aimed to cover basic medical needs that are not suitable for most expats.

Medical emergency evacuation is a critical part of expatriates healthcare insurance. It is crucial to ensure that expatriates have an emergency medical evacuation plan before relocating overseas. The cost of ambulances, helicopters, traveling medical care and planes can be incredibly high if you do not have an adequate evacuation plan.

Bring International Health Insurance With You To Brazil

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Here is a list of different types of insurance coverage you will want if you are planning to venture in to Brazil:

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