Why you need international health insurance in Hong Kong

Located on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong is known as a dynamic metropolis as Asia’s World City. Once a fishing village, Hong Kong has become a cosmopolitan centre where Chinese culture blends with Western culture. Many expatriates are living and working in Hong Kong, but expats need to remember that medical care in the territory is very expensive, so it is crucial to obtain global medical insurance coverage.

Healthcare in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a well-developed healthcare and medical system. There are 11 private hospitals and 42 public hospitals in Hong Kong, according to government statistics. The public healthcare system can cover not only Hong Kong citizens or permanent residents, but also non-residents. Although expatriates with a valid visa and HK identification card can be covered under the public healthcare system, most expatriates are encouraged to obtain international health insurance in Hong Kong to get more comprehensive global medical care without the long waits for treatment associated with the government-run medical system.

Additionally, dental care is not covered by the public healthcare system, so many expats will want to seek insurance for this significant benefit. Therefore, taking out an international health insurance plan is essential if wishing to receive treatment from a private dentist in Hong Kong.

It should also be noted that the private healthcare system in Hong Kong is usually more accessible, with less waiting periods to see a doctor compared to public hospitals. However, the cost of medical treatment in private medical facilities is generally higher. An appropriate international health insurance plan affords you the option of choosing doctors, standard routine check-ups, and a higher level of accommodation such as private rooms and more.

What to Consider When Purchasing International Health Insurance Before Departure 

As Hong Kong continues to attract more and more global talent, the demand for quality international health insurance for expats is continually growing. When considering international health insurance plans in Hong Kong, there are a number of things that you will want to consider:

  • Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation Coverage –  Emergency evacuation is a critical part of any expatriate’s medical coverage. It will ensure you have access to high-quality medical facilities in the event of a medical emergency. If you are in an area that isn’t capable of providing adequate medical treatment, you will be transported to a location.
  • Pre-existing & Chronic Condition Coverage – Some international health insurance plans will cover some pre-existing conditions depending on your medical history. If you’d like to know more detailed information, please contact us today.
  • Maternity Coverage and Baby Care – Maternity care in private hospitals in Hong Kong can be very expensive. Making sure that you have comprehensive coverage for pregnancy care and baby care to avoid financial risks. Most plans have a 12 month waiting period before maternity related expenses will be covered.
  • Medical Network –  Does the medical provider have a large medical network where you and your family can obtain medical care by showing your insurer card and receive treatment without out-of-pocket costs.


Obtaining the Right Coverage of International Health Insurance While Residing in Hong Kong 

A tailored international health insurance plan should provide a flexible and worldwide service. It will not only let you select the hospital, medical providers and doctors but also provide you with direct payment so that you do not need to worry about any out-of-pocket medical expenses. Our most comprehensive and popular global expat plan is from Allianz. You can get an instant quote and even apply online.

The cost of international health insurance will vary by plan. Expat Financial offers several different international health insurance plans for expatriates across most parts of the globe, including expats and even some local nationals in Hong Kong. We also offer international group insurance plans for employers with expatriate employees in Hong Kong. If you have questions about our international medical insurance plans or if you wish to discuss your needs and produce a customized quote, please contact us or complete the quote form.

Health Insurance in Hong Kong