Bangkok city is one of the top six south asian destinations for global nomads

6 Top South Asian Destinations for Global Nomads

Ultimate South Asian Destinations for Global Nomads

The perfect combination of budget-friendly and low-cost living in South Asia is the go-to destination for global citizens. If you’re tech-savvy and ready for a change of backdrop, get ready to thrive in these land of opportunities. With affordable travel options from budget airlines like Malindo and Air Asia, these countries are short-term vacation hubs.

The friendly communities, stunning beaches, jaw-dropping landscapes, pleasant weather and fast internet is why this region is a sought after destination for global nomads. It wasn’t easy but we have narrowed down our favorites. Even after ailing healthcare systems in South Asia and inadequacies in their medical care system, global nomads continue to flock here

Here are the six ultimate South Asian destinations for global nomads.

1. Ubud, Bali


Ubud is home to a prominent number of expats and its growing numbers testify the fact that this Balinese town has a charm and appeal of its own. Stroll the streets of Ubud to find yourself surrounded by an eclectic mix of art and tradition. Spend the day plugged in to your digital work and indulging in coffees made from locally harvested beans. Then, in the evening, watch the temples come alive with the marriage of graceful dancers and spellbinding sounds of the gamelan.

The conducive tropical weather and the diverse range of exotic food are drawing digital nomads to this town. The breathtaking scenery of Ubud rejuvenates your mind and body, making it an ideal place for digital nomads to find the coveted work-life balance. Co-working space like HUBUD is known for meeting new friends and organizing community events, team outings, and workshops.

2. Penang, Malaysia


Malaysia’s busiest city, Penang is also culturally and ethnically diverse, offering plenty of working and networking opportunities. Indulge your palette in Penang’s street food and delicious cuisines while working on your projects. With the rise of global nomads here, the government has provided highly subsidized and massive co-working spaces like ACAT. It boasts uninterrupted internet speed, ample space for workshops and seminars at a monthly membership of just $16. With that, ACAT is a great place to meet local entrepreneurs, or better yet, become one! You can enjoy the nightlife on Love Lane with in-house hipster cafes and live music.

3. Hanoi, Vietnam


Explore Hanoi’s ancient pagodas, colonial buildings and unique museums. This cultural gem, is located at the bank of the Red River. When in Hanoi, bask in its vibrant nightlife and delectable cuisines. Moreover, this ancient capital is known for its silk and hand-crafted products. You will find Russians, Chinese and French, among others that constitute the multi-cultural community of Hanoi.

Healthcare system in Vietnam is average and good in bog cities. Since it is frequented by remote workers and digital nomads alike, Hanoi offers different co-working spaces for all. Toong is popular in the Hanoi Quarter, providing a traditional and modern design space. Up-Co Working Space  is available in the city. Hanoi is mushrooming with co-working spaces, so it is just a matter of finding the right spot to materialize your nomadic dreams.

4. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Koh Phangan-Thailand

It is the fifth biggest island in Thailand and a favourite among digital nomads. This dreamy destination offers the best of both worlds, with its picturesque beaches and yearly Full Moon parties. Consider the Southern tip of the island the mecca for backpackers with lively night life and full moon parties. And when you travel to the northern part of the island, it’s more peaceful. With that, Koh Phangan houses some of the most aesthetically built co-working spaces and cafes for digital nomads such as Focus, Bubba’s Coffee Bar or the Beachub. Beachub is known for its pleasant ambiance and highly-rated for work and play, making it one of the top South Asian destinations for global nomads.

5. Bangkok, Thailand


This crowded urban capital attracts digital nomads from all walks of life. People across industries come to this capital to find opportunities. This is because, the city boasts uninterrupted and fast internet speed, idyllic weather, affordable shopping and food options. Plus, Bangkok has a lot of free Wi-Fi spots that will get your work done. You can advantage of the efficient public transportation to roam the city.  A centrally-located co-working space, The Work Loft provides a free one-day trial.

6. Siem Reap, Cambodia


Siem Reap has many unique bakeries and cafes, making it home to a diverse range of co-working spaces. Plus, it is a sought-after destination among digital nomads mainly for its cheap accommodations and affordable street food.  Known as a social enterprise, Angkor Hub empowers local startups and entrepreneurs and encourages like-minded people and creative local entrepreneurs to work together. So don’t miss out on this networking opportunity.

Ready to pack your bags?

There’s no doubt these countries will provide the best experiences for digital nomads. You will be able to focus on your work and play when you know you’re fully covered. Expat Financial offers various global health insurance plans for expatriates travelling to top South Asian destinations.

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