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8 Tips to Help You Become a Digital Nomad in South America

8 Tips to Help You Become a Digital Nomad in South America

South America is home to many beautiful countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Peru, to name a few. In our previous blog, we explored why South America is a significant attraction to digital nomads. Here, we give you tips that will help you become a digital nomad in South America.

1. Get a job that will allow you to develop skills of working online

Digital nomads enjoy immense freedom to choose where they work. But with freedom comes the responsibility of keeping themselves abreast of the latest technologies and digital trends. If you are not too well-informed or tech-savvy just yet, find ways to develop these skills. Part-time freelancing with online clients, and finding online media jobs can help you develop the skill-set needed.

2. Find ways to earn passive income

Passive income proves beneficial for digital nomads even when they are not working. Activities that can ensure passive income are online training courses, writing eBooks, or content in any form. Income that can be generated by renting out a part of your home or apartment while you are away can also be a good source of income. That digital nomad income will help you enjoy your lifestyle abroad and enable you to get a better apartment, food, travel, and health coverage.

3. Have an active source of income while traveling

You first have to figure out what type of work you want to do. Having your skills and interests assessed in the right manner matters. Some freelancers are comfortable working in digital spaces while others find writing, editing, or doing translation jobs more enjoyable. Knowing your strengths and utilizing them is crucial.

4. Minimize your expenditures

While leading a nomadic life, it is essential to cut costs. It could be small things like canceling Netflix subscription or gym membership. This will help you fund your travels and your overall expenditure. Additionally, walk whenever possible, cook at home rather than eating out, take public transport rather than flying, and find other nomads with who you can travel. These tips will bring down your expenses.

5. Pay off all your debt

Debt is a threat to digital nomadic life. Hence, before embarking on this nomadic lifestyle, pay off as much of the debt you owe as possible before you go abroad. The last thing you want to do when living abroad is to worry about expensive interest payments on a mortgage or student debt.

6. Choose ‘realistic’ destinations

Waking up in a luxurious hotel room next to the Eiffel Tower may undoubtedly be a dream vacation getaway for most people, but such sought-after attractions are super expensive.  It is better to start with a modest budget. Locations in South America have many destinations offering low cost of living, giving digital nomads the option to choose the best one from those affordable.

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7. Obtain an international health insurance

Those interested in pursuing a nomadic lifestyle must purchase insurance that provides global coverage and is universally valid. Digital nomads in South America must look for international health insurance as it guarantees coverage irrespective of where you are. Generally, when you are a digital or global nomad living abroad, especially in South America, you will need to get a universal health plan. Local medical plans may only cover local citizens or offer substandard coverage or limited access to medical care. Your health is your most valuable asset, so it makes sense to get the best possible health protection at a premium that you can afford.

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8. Get in touch with other digital nomads and fellow travelers

While traveling around the world can be exciting, it can also be lonely. Finding a stable community of digital nomads is crucial to curb the loneliness. A plethora of digital nomadic communities exist online these days that allow you to take advantage of several co-living spaces across the world.

In conclusion, becoming a digital nomad is an adventure. While these tips are just guides, there are plenty of unique ways to become a digital nomad. Find out more work tips for digital nomads living abroad. The important thing is to do what you love. Get to know about South American healthcare system for any medic needs.